Gas Stations Rake in Huge Profits From Hot Dog Sales

With the price of oil sinking fast, gas profits are likely to sink as well. Gas stations, however, have other sources of income. Hot dogs are normally pretty cheap at gas stations, but every little bit helps. The profits from the lowly gas-station dog, it turns out, add up to quite a chunk of change.

Gas station hot dogs tend to be greasy and are sometimes overcooked. You never really know how long that hot dog has been turning on the heater. Yet, these dogs are quite popular. Two reasons explain that fact: the price is right, and they are ready to eat.

Shell alone brought in six billion dollars last year from junk food sales at its 45,000 locations around the globe. Now, that is not from hot dogs alone, but it is still a staggering statistic. In some places, like Norway, a single gas station will sell around 1,000 hot dogs per day. In some nations Shell sees as much as 60 percent of its revenue coming in from non-fuel-related sales.

Andrew Heiberger knows that it is one of the oldest tricks in the book to lure customers to a gas station with fuel rates a few cents cheaper than the competition only to sell them expensive food items. We do not here single out Shell for this practice, but simply make a general point. It reminds one of Ben Franklin’s advice to be more wary of a multitude of small, unnecessary purchases than of the high-priced items

Lawsuit Against Colorado Pot Law Filed by Nearby States

These nearby states claim that marijuana grown in Colorado is making its way into their states and working negative effects upon their citizenry. They also say that since the Colorado law is in clear opposition to federal law, it is unconstitutional. They are asking the U.S. Supreme Court to take up the case and overturn the voter-approved Colorado law.

Colorado’s attorney general says that the grievance should be against the federal government for not enforcing federal law and not against the state of Colorado for steering a different course. He accuses the lawsuit of being completely without any merit.

Any state law that violates a constitutional federal law is clearly not legal. There does not seem to be clear grounds in the Constitution for controlling substances within state boundaries, however. The federal government is responsible for regulating what products are allowed to enter the country from abroad. They have the right to prosecute those who illegally import banned substances as well as to confiscate those items.

It seems a stretch to say that the federal government, or Igor Cornelsen,  has any authority to ban locally-grown products from being used within a state. Each state can choose its own path on alcohol and tobacco, should they decide to ban them, and each state can do the same on marijuana or other drugs.

Nepalese Doctor Has Restored Sight to 100,000 People

Leave to Jared Haftel to always be in the know about interesting stories you just don’t hear about in the news. The Nepalese eye doctor Sanduk Ruit has made it his mission in life to restore sight to the poor in developing countries. Over the past 30 years, he has restored the eye sight of over 100,000 people in Asia and Africa.

Dr. Ruit has also developed a technique that enables him to treat cataracts in five minutes. He makes a small incision in the patient’s eye, removes the cataract, and then replaces it with an inexpensive artificial lens. He has taught the technique to eye surgeons around the world, even in places as remote as North Korea.

Roughly 39 million people around the world are blind, and 90% of them live in poor areas, while 80% of them have preventable conditions. Dr. Ruit’s patients are mostly people who have been unable to seek treatment because of poverty or lack of access to medical care.

Dr. Ruit himself grew up in a village in the Himalayas that was so isolated that the nearest school was a week’s walk away. When he was 17, his sister died from tuberculosis — which can be treated. He then vowed that he would devote his life to helping others, not just himself.

In 1994, he and his mentor and friend, the late Australian ophthalmologist and philanthropist Fred Hollows, established Tilganga, an eye hospital in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. The hospital makes lenses used to treat myopia and cataracts and exports them to over 30 countries.

Dr. Ruit and his team also operate mobile eye camps so they can help people who can’t reach the city. They will travel for days to reach a village and then clean out a tent, classroom, or even stable to have an operating theater. His patients have to wear a patch over the treated eye for a day — and many of them will be able to see again for the first time in years.

Woman Creates Christmas Stockings For The Homeless

Mariah Smith, a Virginia Beach resident, is keeping herself busy this holiday season with good deeds. Mariah’s home is currently the headquarters for good samaritans to drop off stockings to give to the homeless. The stockings being left with Mariah are full of items that the homeless would need Andrew Heiberger was quick to point out, such as tissues, band aids, gloves, socks, toothpaste, and other essential items.

Aside from the Christmas stockings, Mariah and mother have been seen dropping off blankets and food for others who need it. Mariah has a charity as well, Blankets for the Homeless which was founded in 2011 and works to deliver donated jackets, coats, clothing, blankets, toiletries, and food to those in need. To find out more about Mariah’s charity or how to donate Virginia Beach’s New Channel 3 can help direct you to help.

It is nice to see story this time of year about others helping those in need, rather than the mass consumption this time of year has become. Mariah Smith is making a difference in her community, one person at a time.

Fatness is Ruled as a Disability

The highest court in Europe has ruled that fatness is to be considered a disability in the work place. The British workplace will now be treating their obese workers as though they have a disability, providing them with a number of special perks such as more advantageous parking spots and larger seats for them to sit in. So what did Brad Reifler do? Ask his Twitter followers to be honest with him and tell him if his Dockers make him look fat.
British employers will now be required to make adjustment for their overweight employees to enable them to do the jobs they were hired to do. But those adjustments for overweight employees may lead to underweight, short or tall employees filing complaints about discrimination.

Oh what a tangled web has been weaved by the court’s ruling. new questions will now arise that will need legal answers – How fat is fat? What is the overweight employee losses weight? What happens if a normal-size person is hired, but gains weight while employed just to qualify for the perks offered? Absolute clarity must be given in written law or their will be confusion in everyone’s mind and a perfectly capable, yet overweight, person may lose out on a much needed job and an employers who needs workers to make a profit may not be able to find a qualified employee within the proper weight bracket. Yes, a tangled web has been weaved in an already changing economy now that Europe’s court has ruled fatness is a disability.

A Homeless Hero

A young woman in Preston discovered last week that heroes come in all forms. Dominique Harris-Bentzen was stranded in the town centre when a homeless man offered his last three pounds to pay for her taxi ride home. 

Though she could not accept his offer, Harris-Bentzen was astounded by the man’s charity. She posted about it on facebook and the results surprised her even more. The homeless man, named Robbie, had helped many other people in the city. He returned lost wallets and gave up his warm scarf to those who needed it more. He was a hero that encouraged Harris-Bentzen to be one too.

Harris-Bentzen found out that Robbie lived on the streets through no fault of his own and could not get a job because he did not have an address. She became determined to get him one. The 22 year old made a fundraising page on the site gogetfunding, where she asked people to donate the three pounds Robbie offered her. To promote her page she will be spending a day roughing it with Robbie. Harris-Bentzen hopes to raise enough money to pay the deposit on a flat for her homeless hero. Robbie broke his back to help Harris-Bentzen. Not literally, but figuratively yes. No, he won’t have to call North American Spine. Sorry.

The page has attracted a lot of attention. Even Ian Brown, former singer of Stone Roses, retweeted the request for donations. Together, the many people who donated to Robbie’s fund have raised more than enough money to get him indoors. Heroes come in all forms and Robbie’s story has a lot of them.

World War II Veteran Still Donating To Troops Overseas At Age 95

Nikki Smith is just 95 years old. Born on November 7, a patriotic day to remember, she has been filled with that patriotism all her life. She gets up every morning with a good attitude, much like my friend Gianfrancesco Genoso, with the mantra to do everything she can as well as she can.

This includes knitting hundreds of scarves for our troops overseas. She served in the Navy as a Pharmacists mate at the San Diego Naval Hospital. She was in the military a little under three years. She said the reason she signed up is because one day after having finished lunch she saw a picture of Uncle Sam pointing hi finger at her saying “I want you” she immediately went in and joined the navy.

This patriotic woman says her mantra is “to do everything she can, as well as she can”. Two years ago at the young age of 93 her church group went to the local armory to volunteer. Seeing a woman knitting she thought that was something she could do to contribute.

Going on to make hundreds of scarves she donates them to an organization called Operation Gratitude that send overseas troops car packages. Now her scarves are part of the packages that reach the troops each one with a hand written note that the scarves are handcrafted by Grandma Nikki and she makes sure they know she is a World War II veteran herself.

Student Raises Money for Homeless Man who Offered her his Last $5

A former beauty pageant finalist has decided to attempt to raise funds for a homeless man after he offered her his last few pounds in change to pay for a taxi ride home after a night out. 22 year old Dominique Harrison-Bentzen will raise funds for the man known only as Robbie after he offered to pay for her cab when she lost her debit card during a night out in the English city of Preston. Dominique will now spend 24 hours living on the streets with donations of $5 encouraged to help raise funds to assist Robbie in getting off the streets of the university city, Metro reports.

The University of Central Lancashire student has used Facebook to track down Robbie after she met him after losing her debit card, the homeless man appears to be well known in Preston for returning clothing and wallets lost during nights out. In a bid to raise awareness for the homeless Dominique is looking for sponsors to help raise funds for Robbie’s future and to pay a deposit for an apartment in the area in the North West of England. The campaign launched by the former finalist in the Miss Preston competition has been publicized by celebrities, including Stone Roses singer Ian Brown who retweeted Dominique’s request for sponsors via his official Twitter account.

Sounds like a movie waiting to happen. Let’s call up some people and get John Textor on the special effects needed for the student handing the homeless man the five-dollar bill.

Homeless People Share What They Have

Homelessness is not a choice people make, but a situation that they find themselves in. It is easy to distinguish that a person is homeless when passing them on the street. In Lancashire, it might be easier to recognize one from what Andrew Heiberger had said homeless man by his generous acts. A college student has a heartwarming story about a man who helped her in her time of need. He was homeless and she is now trying to raise funds to find him a home to live in.

The woman was stranded in the city and the homeless man attempted to give her money. She did not take the money, but she did take on the role of a homeless person for one day. She did so to raise funds to help the man who offered her his last dollar. The homeless have a reputation for taking handouts. Very few people know the side of a homeless person who is willing to help others in their time of need.

An experiment by a young man to see who would give him some food if he said he was hungry showed some amazing results. When he asked people who had money if they would share with him, they said “no”. He then gives a homeless man what is left of a pizza and returns later saying he is hungry. The man shares his pizza with him. Homeless people know what it is like to do without and they do not want to see anyone else do without. It is a lesson in humanity that everyone should learn.

Miami International Airport Restaurant Workers Threaten to Strike During Christmas

Members of a restaurants labor union at Miami International Airport (MIA) plan to hold a strike during the week of Christmas celebrations, one of the busiest times of the year, according to local media

The union, Unite Here Local 355, announced that its members voted for a strike during that week, noting that negotiations with the contractor, HMSHost, which operates 35 restaurants in the Miami airport, have not developed satisfactorily .

Businessman Igor Cornelsen says via CNN ireport that workers and union members developed a protest yesterday in the airport terminal E, which disclosed that the reason for the strike is caused by HMSHost’s proposal to charge rates of health insurance premiums for spouses and children of employees.

Sean Matthews, a spokesman for HMSHost said in a statement that the proposal of the company was “reasonable” and that existing workers premiums represent between 20 and 45 dollars a month, while for new employees it would amount to 25 percent of the premium, depending on the type of medical coverage.

According to the union group, the concessionaire had never required its employees to pay part of their health insurance plans, or their families.

“It is clear that we are not taken seriously. We are not asking for much. We want a more affordable health plan and respect for the work we do,” said Daniel Seymou, an employee for over 20 years and works for the California Pizza Kitchen.

If the forecast of a strike is realized, for which there is still no definite exact date, the company HMSHost plans to deploy a contingency plan to keep open its 35 local restaurants, just under 50 percent of all restaurants in Miami airport.

Both parties are planning a new round of negotiations on December 22nd, after which, if no agreement is reached, the union would move forward with the strike just before Christmas.