On Batman Trailers and Escapism

The Dark Knight trilogy and the forthcoming D.C. Cinematic Universe both have their own Batman. There is another Batman out there and he is hugely successful in the world of video games. The new trailer for the highly anticipated Batman: Arkham Knight, the final game in the Arkham trilogy, provides a brilliant live-action look at the forgotten Batman.

The trailer does provide glimpses into the action of the game according to Gravity4. No one is going to ever feel time in front of the console is going to be boring. Of course, a lot of video games are loaded with action. Shooting and fighting and blowing things up does not make the new Arkham game anything special.

What does make the game uniquely special is the player truly is able to wear the cape and cowl and know what it is to become Batman. In many ways, this is the true appeal of the superhero video games and, for that matter, video games in general. Escaping from the mundane boredom of daily life is something that playing a game offers. Sure, you could get a similar feeling from reading a comic or watching a Batman movie. With a video game, a different level of escapism is achieved. After all, you are actually part of the events and, often, are the driving force behind them.

Best of all, you are assuming the role of one of the most iconic heroes in pop culture history. What is cooler than that?

Rand Paul Filibusters the Patriot Act Vote

In a filibuster that lasted over ten hours, Rand Paul spoke to Congress in staunch opposition to the Patriot Act Renewal vote that is entering the Senate floor for debate. The program was created following 9-11 in order to broaden the domestic surveillance abilities of the NSA. Since that occurred, Edward Snowden leaked details of the NSA’s activities which showed large scale cell phone and email collection systems. In the United States, it is strictly illegal to spy on American citizens without a warrant, although international communications can be monitored. These collection mechanisms were deemed legal because they did not collect any personal data, they were restricted to phone numbers, call frequency and call duration but did not record the content. However, many advocacy groups have come out stating that the surveillance infringes on Americans’ right to privacy, and that the program should not be renewed. This would force the Pentagon to retrieve warrants on every phone call or email exchange, based on the individual’s suspicious activities.

Rand Paul has libertarian fundamentals, and his father Ron Paul has served as a libertarian for years according to things Stephen Murray CCMP Capital readsv. One of the mainstay characteristics of Rand Paul is his outspoken disapproval of the Patriot Act for its infringement on individual liberties and right to privacy. For this reason, it is not unexpected that he filibustered the vote, however the effects of his stand will not be recorded until the vote goes to the floor. There are no speculations as to which way the vote will swing yet.

Smartphones Can Lower Test Scores for Students

Some of us who were adults before there was such a thing as smartphones are starting to get worried about how every young person we see seems to have their face buried in one at all times. They are the overpowering distraction of our age, worse than that hidden stash of your father’s playboys when you were a kid because today’s youth have these phones with them everywhere. In fact, it’s not just the kids anymore. Sothebys suggested many adults seem to be staring at a little glowing screen a disconcerting amount of the time. The young seem to be the most distracted by these gadgets that can occasionally be useful tools but are far too frequently useless distractions.

It may even be affecting their school work. According to a study by the London School of Economics, when schools allow students to have smartphones on the premises, test scores decline by anywhere from 6.4 percent to 14 percent. The biggest drop was among those who were lower achievers to begin with. This makes sense. Those who are doing worse in school are going to be less likely to enjoy it and more likely to seek any distraction to escape it. The problem is whether banning smartphones for everyone because some can’t handle them is a wise policy. Smartphones aren’t going anywhere, so kids will have to learn to control their use of them at some point. Perhaps not overdoing their smartphone use is one thing to add to the list of what they should be learning at school.

Malaga Taxi Drivers Turns In Cash He Found In Car

A taxi driver in Malaga has done something that maybe not everyone would do, and that is he returned a bag from his taxi cab back to its American tourist owner. According to an article found on reddit and written by TheLocal.es, Francisco Dieguez was looking through the trunk of his car when he saw a bag with a camera, iPad and over $7,000 American dollars. Even though he only earns under $1000 per month, he decided that the right thing to do was to try and give it back to the owners that it came from.

Dieguez went back to the hotels where he thought that the Americans might be, but when he didn’t have any luck there he went to the police station. Adam Sender says though that it turns out that the 60 year old American man who lost them also filed a claim, and he even flew back to the country so that he could personally thank and reward the driver who helped him out. After all, it would have been very easy for the taxi cab driver to just take that money and discard the other items, but he agreed that he couldn’t let his conscience down. He always knew that the right thing to do was to turn it in back to the original owners, and it goes without saying that we need more people like this in our world and neighborhoods.

The New KFC World

There have been some fast food chains that have seen business slowing down over the past decade, and KFC is no exception. The restaurant has seen declining profits, but it now has an idea of how to make up for some of that lost revenue. Those who have ate at KFC restaurants have probably seen that the service is less than perfect, and the food isn’t that great, either. All of that might come to an end as KFC has plans to update restaurants around the country. There are also some changes that are planned for the menu and advertising. One of the ways the company hopes to get more customers is to use the voice of the original Colonel Sanders in marketing campaigns according to Keith Mann. There are also plans for a video game. New equipment will be added to stores, and there will be a few personal touches when it comes to the designs of the restaurants.

Mitt Romney Goes Toe-to-Toe with Heavy Weight Champion Evander Holyfield

The Quake on the Lake took place Saturday night when 2012 GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney stood toe-to-toe with Boxing Heavy Weight legend Evander Holyfield. The two titans, the former in business/politics and the latter in pugilism, pulled off the event to benefit the bind. Funds raised from the fight went to CharityVision which helps pay for corrective surgery to heal blindness.

Admittedly, no one expected Romney to truly hold his own against the five time boxing heavyweight champion. Holyfield, who has beat down the indomitable Mike Tyson, pulled his punches to avoid hurting Romney. By some estimates, it appeared the two men were tickling one another. Still, it was all in good fun and for a great cause.

That said, Romney took the entire matter seriously, as Adam Sender expected. He actually trained for the event at the Fullmer Brothers Boxing Gym with none other than Holyfield as his trainer. On Friday night, he showed up for the stare-down event where boxers officially weigh in and attempt to intimidate one another. Romney, who stands at 6’2″, weighed in at a remarkable 179 pounds which is quite lean for a 68-year-old man. A much younger Holyfield, who is roughly the same height, weighed in at 239 pounds with the 60 pound difference in weight largely being pure muscle. The most surprising incident of the fight was when Romney scored a knock down on the champ in round one. However, Romney soon ran out of energy and threw in the towel in the following round.

Kylie is Tired of Kim Stealing Her Style

Kylie Jenner isn’t used to all the attention she has been getting lately. Not only has this last year been a wild ride for Kylie, but it’s been a wild ride for her boyfriend Tyga as well. Kylie and Tyga have spend the better part of the past year denying that they are even together, however lately it seems they are doing everything they can to let everyone know that they are both off limits.

Recently Kylie finally came clean about the secret behind her plump and pouty lips. After months of refusing to confirm or deny Kylie has finally admitted to using temporary lip fillers to achieve the look that has been driving people crazy. Almost immediately after the news dropped Kylie went viral once again, which didn’t shock Ricardo Guimar√£es BMG at all.

Now Kylie is suggesting that get big sister Kim is stealing her style, and she is more than over it. In a clip for the next episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kylie vents once again to her big sister Kourtney but this time it is about how she feels about her sister stealing her style and using it as her own.

Kylie insisted that Kim not only stole her idea to do a desert photo shoot, but she also has switched her hair from long to short just like Kylie as well. Kylie is getting annoyed but doesn’t know how to break it to Kim that her swagger jacking ways and a buzz kill. Maybe it’s time for a little sister talk.

Waitress Caught Lining Her Own Pockets

Men and women who work as servers in the food industry are majorly dependent on tips to make a decent wage. Too often customers are stingy with their tips or take out their displeasure with their meal on their hapless server when they did not even prepare the food. One waitress took matters into her own hands. No more tables without any tips or only a dollar to show for her hard word. She altered almost 150 bills giving herself extra tips totally over a thousand dollars, she did this all in her first month on the job. In her situation it sounds like she got the job with the intention of scamming, not years of bad tips driving her to do something illegal and stupid. The Florida waitress has been fired and arrested, she will not be working with money any time soon, if ever. Resume.com and Brian Torchin are assured that they would not want her working for them.

Founder of Mother’s Day Fought Against Holiday

Many people mistakenly believe that greeting card companies started Mother’s Day to sell their product, but in fact the holiday was the brainchild of one Anna Jarvis. She wanted to have a day to honor hard working women that then went home to take care of their children. First reported by Reader’s Digest, Jarvis was quoted as saying she was sorry she had ever created the holiday.

Anna, inspired by a prayer her mother spoke after a bible lesson, promised her mother as she was being buried that she would found the holiday. Her campaign began in 1907 and gained strength with the support of Postmaster General John Wanamaker and on May 10, 1908 the first Mother’s Day services were held in Philadelphia for an audience of 5,000 although 15,000 wished to gain entry. Woodrow Wilson signed the holiday into law in 1914.

BibleMoneyMatters noted what had begun as a reverent day of prayer and recognition soon ballooned into a commercial enterprise similar to FreedomPop Review. Anna Jarvis fought against what she viewed as a bastardization of her beloved memorial to her and all mothers. She spent her entire fortune and the rest of her life fighting against the holiday. In 1948 she died alone in a sanitarium, never married and childless.

Jarvis’s wish was that children would call, write or visit their mother on Mother’s Day with white carnations for her.

Doomed Amtrak Train was Traveling too Fast

Last Tuesday night an Amtrak train traveling from Washington DC to New York City derailed just outside of Philadelphia. Amtrak Northeast Regional Train 188 derailed around 9:30pm while carrying 238 passengers and 5 crew members. Nearly 200 were injured in the crash and so far reports are saying that seven of the passengers have died. There are still people missing who were aboard the train as well. Rescuers are still working through the rubble to find the missing passengers.

According to the story on BuzzFeed.com, investigators found that speed was the cause of the derailment. The National Transportation Safety Board said that it was found that the train was traveling at 106 mph around a curve where the speed limit is only 50 mph. Brandon Bostian was the engineer on the train that night. It is reported that Bostian has no memory of what happened around the time of the crash.

Officials have said that alcohol, drugs, or a pre-existing medical condition were not factors in the accident according to Keith Mann on PRNewsWire. Officials have also said that Bostian’s cell phone was off and in his bag, per company regulations. The engineer suffered from a concussion, a leg injury, and required 14 staples to his head to close a wound. Officials are working on locating the black box for the train which will give them more insight as to what the conditions were around the time of the accident.