Thor, Champion of the People

Thor Halvorssen was born Thor Leonardo Halvorssen Mendoza on March 9, 1976 to Thor Halvorssen Vellum and Hilda Mendoza in Caracas, Venezuela. His father was a Venezuelan ambassador and staunch critic of narcotics and their effects on the community, while his mother, a distant relative of Cristobal Mendoza (Venezuela’s first president), was a political activist. While Thor’s mother came from a middle-class background, the family of Thor Halvorssen’s father was wealthy as a result of the patriarch Oystein Halvorssen’s role with several major Venezuelan corporations. Both of Halvorssen’s parents nearly fell victim to the harsh realities of the political climate of the time, having faced assassination attempts for their roles as human rights advocates.

Thor Halvorssen was educated in America, having attended the University of Pennsylvania, where he received degrees in history and political science. After graduating from college, Halvorssen continued his parents’ work by challenging Apartheid in South Africa and slave-labor in China. Because of the volatility of his work around the globe, Halvorssen now employs a private security team.

Today Thor Halvorssen is widely known for his work as a human right advocate, touching on many topics such as, human trafficking and slave labor, but perhaps most notably as the current President of the Human Rights Foundation. The Human Rights Foundation was founded in 2006 as a nonpartisan nonprofit organization aimed at uniting like-minded individuals in the fight for human rights around the world. The groundwork for The Human Rights Foundation was laid by the International Covenant on Civil an Political Rights in 1976. As President of the Human Rights Foundation, Halvorssen has helped to spearhead the Oslo Freedom Forum, which has continued to bring together human rights advocates, tech entrepreneurs, and other world leaders through engaging conferences for the furthering of the collective movement.

More Legal Trouble For Laidlaw & Company

It’s interesting to see the case filed against investment bank Laidlaw & Company by Relmada Therapeutics continues to simmer in Nevada District Court. Relmada is in the clinical stage of developing a treatment for chronic pain and used Laidlaw for financial services. Recently, Relmada was granted a temporary restraining order and an associated injunction against Laidlaw, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern, who both hold high management positions in the company. It didn’t shock me to hear Relmada accused Laidlaw of distributing false and misleading proxy materials because that seems to be Laidlaw’s standard business behavior. Now the complaint has been amended to include breach of fiduciary duty.


Laidlaw & Company is based in the United Kingdom with a worldwide network of offices. The company has existed under varies names since 1842; however, it became a full-fledged investment and brokerage firm in 1902 and has been tagged with over 60 customer complaints since the early 2000s. Laidlaw specializes in serving healthcare investments, which is probably why Relmada got caught in their sticky financial web.


Finally, let’s pay a visit to the characters of Matthew Eitner and James Ahern. Either is currently the CEO, has an extensive background in investment banking, and has been with Laidlaw since 2010. His major entanglement appears to be the Relmada case. However, James Ahern, who is listed as a Laidlaw Managing Partner and Head of Capital Markets, has a more colorful history. The state of New York filed tax liens against him in 2011 and 2012, and the IRS was also after him in 2012. Ahern also has four customer complaints that were resolved with payments and involved breach of fiduciary duty, unauthorized trading, and fraud.


Overall, Laidlaw & Company has a checkered history of failing to comply with security and hiring laws, working with rogue brokerage firms, and numerous violations of FINRA.

How Eric Pulier Redefined The Tech Industry

The Child Prodigy

From a young age Eric Pulier displayed a strong interest in computer science. It didn’t take him long to turn that talent into business acumen. Before he had even graduated high school, Eric Pulier was already the head of his won software company. He continued to hone his talent at Harvard University where he specialized in computer science. After graduating, Pulier emerged as one of the most prominent software developers of his time.



The Stalwart Of The 90s

The 90s stands as one of the most important time periods in the life of Eric Pulier. During this decade, he produced numerous patents and founded startups he would later sell for millions of dollars. There wasn’t any category of software development where he didn’t already have some level of involvement. He dabbled in remote desktop software, APIs, and social networks with success in each endeavor. The patents he created in the 90s enabled him to create fortune worth millions of dollars. Despite the success he has seen, Pulier has made sure to keep others in need in mind.



Giving Back To Those In Need

Philanthropy is an important part of business for Pulier. As a father of four children, he wants to leave the world in better condition than when he was born. Much of his charity revolves around the use of software to solve problems. For instance, when the Starbright Foundation needed someone to create a social network for chronically ill children they immediately sought out Pulier. Thanks to his work more than 75 hospitals in the Starbright Network allow children to connect to each other. This effort not only represents the philanthropy of Pulier, but also his talent for creating innovation.



Answering A Call To Duty

The talent of Eric Pulier is so impressive it has even attracted the attention of the American government. In the late 90s, Bill Clinton asked Eric Pulier to create an exhibit for him known as the “Bridge To The 21st Century“. This exhibit was so successful it actually put Pulier’s name in national headlines. To this day he continues to work with Eric Pulier through the Clinton Global Iniative.


Curing Cancer and Prolonging Life Based on the Work of Mikhail Blagosklonny

Mikhail Blagosklonny is well educated in the Medical field. He has achieved both an M.D. and a Ph.D. He practices medicine in the field of experimental cancer therapy and cardiology at He was educated at Pavlov State Medical University of St. Peterbury. Initially, Dr. Blagoskloony worked at New York Medical College in Valhalia in 2002. His next medical position was at Ordway Research Institute in Albany, N.Y. as a senior scientist. In 2009, he advanced his career by taking a position as professor of oncology at Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

Cancer and targeted cancer therapies are Dr. Blagosklonny primary research and treatment pursuits. The goal of these therapies are to protect normal cells from the ravages of cancer cells. Also, Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny’s research examines the principle mechanism of aging by using anti-aging drugs.

In terms of anti-aging, biogerontology studies the effect of biological aging, which is a sub-field of biological aging. Biogentology examines potential interventions in the aging process. It is a multi- and interdisciplinary field that researches mechanisms, causes and effects of biological aging on The goal is to increase life expectancy. This includes slowing, preventing and even reversing of the aging process. These therapies on Research slow the inception age related frailty and diseases, which extends lifespans.

An area of research, Dr. Blagosklonny is studying targets of rapamycin (TOR). He researches the relationship between aging and the accumulation of random molecular damage. This damage is due to reactive oxygen species (ROS), and he examines aging as it relates to ROS. Mikhail Blagosklonny supports the evolutionary theory that a developmental program does not turn off, which always “being on” causes hyper-functional. This leads to damage and causes frailty and diseases of aging. His research support the theory that hyper-functional can be changed.

Currently, Blagosklonny is a professor at Roswell Park Center Institute (RPCI). RPCI’s mission is to research, prevent and cure cancer. The institute is on the threshold of curing cancer by means of innovative research and teams of investigators on and therapist. RPCI has a program education to help patients understand their treatment as well as instructing health professionals in innovative treatment strategies.

Adam Milstein’s philanthropic endeavors gets recognized

Adam Milstein has gained an extensive media attention in the recent past. It all started when he was mentioned among the top 50 most influential Jews. However, Adam Milstein has caught the eye of the public in the past through his is business and philanthropic ventures. He has succeeded in the real estate industry and has shown lots of skill and expertise. It was this that Jerusalem post saw it necessary to rank him position 39 in a list that includes prominent leaders in the Jewish community.

Adam Milstein is a mover and shaker of the Israeli world. The list included other business leaders such as Ron Lauder, Elena Kagan, and Israeli Prime Minister. Milstein entered the hall of fame largely because of his contribution to the leadership of Israeli-American Council. He as shown support to the organization through several donations and philanthropic ventures. Mr. Milstein participates in several other Jewish institutions making him earn respect and admiration from peers.

Unlike popular belief, Adam Milstein was not born in the United States. He was born in Israel before and moved to Mexico in 1949 during the Israeli war. He later moved back to Israel where he was able to join the army in 1971. Adam then went on an entrepreneurial journey after graduation from college. He did a degree in Business and Economics.

Adam Milstein and Gila Milstein got married in 1974. The two live in Los Angeles with their two children. The recognition of Milstein in the most influential Jews shows his positive contribution to the society as a whole. Together with his wife, they started a family foundation known as Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation. The organization strives to education the young generation about their Jewish roots. It allows them to connect personally with the Israeli community. The foundation has since ignited the pride of Jewish youth in the culture. The Milstein Family Foundation is built on two basic principles. It strives to strengthen Jewish people and fortify their native land. Milstein stated that adopting the rules of financing projects and philanthropic ventures has created a real difference to the community.

Jason Halpern Acquires Surfside Condo Tower Plans to Rebuild

Jason Halpern, a New York-based real estate developer, is set to buy The Surf House (Surfside waterfront condo) for about $55 million. The developer plans to bring it down and in its place build a 12-story luxury condo. The condo building is old having been built in the 1960s. The Surf House is located at 8995 Collins Avenue; it was built back in 1966 and has a total of 36 units. The occupiers are families who live or vacation in it for many years. Jason Halpern confirmed that he had bought 31 of these units for $46 million and had agreements in place to buy the remaining five condos for a total of $9 million.

Jason Halpern
Jason Halpern

New Development

Halpern’s fime, JMH Development, harbors plans to develop a new condo tower that will have 12 stories but it has not decided on the number of units. In the Surfside area, there are regulations in place that cap the maximum height of the buildings. Buildings in the area should not exceed 12 stories. Halpern revealed that the new units will likely start selling at $2.5 million. They would also be smaller but less expensive than the new units selling on the beach. Mr. Halpern said that his company decided to come up with units that are more efficient for buyers looking at buying their second or third homes. The developer is also in building a 19-unit project in South Beach (Three Hundred Collins) and his firm built the Aloft Miami Beach Hotel. Jason plans to start selling off the condos in the coming six or eight months.

Jason Halpern Bio
Jason Halpern Bio

Surf House Resident’s Reactions

Unit owners at the Surf House made a decent amount of around $1.53 million whereas the units were valued at $200,000-$600,000. Accordingly the condo association will also be terminated after the deals go through. According to Jason Kellogg, an attorney who has specialized in condo law, a party that gains control of over 80% of the units can be able to terminate the condominium. They can then pay off all the members who do not agree to sell their units at the reasonable market value. Most of the residents did not want to sell their units but recently the area has had its historic buildings being bought off by developers. It was only a matter of time before the Surf House was purchased.


About Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern at Aloft
Jason Halpern at Aloft

Jason Halpern controls JMH Development, a family company, from 2010 when he gained its control. The company has invested heavily in residential apartments in New York City and Westchester County, NY. Jason is different from the other developers due to his niche and passion for making developments in districts that are historic. He also builds a rapport in all the cities he has developed in. Jason is also involved in philanthropy like investing in Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center at Westchester Medical Center.


Tracking Mentions Of Brand

The bigger and more famous a brand gets, the more mentions it is going to get. While a lot of business owners may believe that their online reputation starts and stops with the reviews, the truth is that the image of the brand could go beyond what is said on Online Reputation Reviews site. There are many platforms that people could use in order to talk about many different topics. Among the platforms that are used for mentioning brands is social media. However, keeping up with every mention of the brand is almost impossible for the business owner to do all by himself. Fortunately, there are tools that people could use to track every mention of their brand.

One tool that is useful for this activity is a monitoring tool. This lightens the load for business owners when it comes to finding every mention of his brand. The monitoring tool will alert the user on each and every mention of the brand. The best type of monitoring tool does more than just alert the business owner of every mention of his brand. It also gives an indication of the weight and the priority of the mention. This will let him know whether or not he should respond to the brand mention.

It is not wise to ignore every mention of the brand. For one thing, customers want to do more than buy products. They also want to be able to interact with the brand. One of the signs of a company that is worth doing business with is that it listens to the customer. A good company is also going to interact with the customer and address any questions or concerns. Customer interaction is one of the most important aspects of business success. If the customer feels ignored, then he is likely to move away from the business.


White Shark Media Rises Above The Competition

When it comes to digital marketing agencies, the field can get a little crowded. In spite of this, White Shark Media has managed to develop a suite of services that are not only more comprehensive than its competitors, but more effective as well.


As far as most digital marketing agencies are concerned, a firm typically separates itself between focusing on advertising and pay-per-click management, or developing a strategy for search engine optimization. Few companies overlap in these areas, or at least, few overlap effectively. White Shark Media is unique in that sense. They offer a full list of digital marketing services to their clients, ensuring that they can tackle any area as needed. This is an especially useful service for small businesses and developing startups, who simply lack the funds to hire multiple agencies for mildly related tasks.


Of course, having a diversified team isn’t White Shark Media’s only strength. In addition to being able to tackle virtually any aspect of digital marketing, White Shark Media is also recognized as one of the fastest growing digital companiesin North America. This sudden burst of expansion is likely a result of their outstanding customer service and commitment to quality. While other digital agencies are content to rest on their laurels, White Shark Media is continuing its research into digital marketing strategies and their relative effectiveness.


In fact, White Shark Media refers to its business philosophy as being centered around delivering a “world-class experience.” With services in multiple regions, it’s clear that White Shark Media’s biggest strength lies in their ability to cross cultures and deliver the same outstanding marketing services, regardless of which demographics they’re currently targeting.


As a further testament to their excellent customer service practices, White Shark Media currently invites any prospective clients to contact them for a free review of their current AdWords marketing campaign. It can be difficult to pinpoint the exact areas which are responsible for a struggling campaign, especially for a struggling startup that simply doesn’t have the resources to focus on digital advertising. With that in mind, White Shark Media’s free review of any campaign, as well as insight into their extensive knowledge of best digital advertising practices, makes their offer incredibly valuable.


Companies that are interested in taking their digital advertising to the next level, or are simply interested in improving their local marketing capabilities, should consider contacting White Shark Media for more information, or a free review of any existing advertising campaign they might already have.

Stock-based Lending: Who Benefits?

Stock-based Lending: Who Benefits?

The financial market isn’t what it used to be, and it’s causing some would-be borrowers to seek alternative options to traditional credit-based loans. While a few options exist, stock-based lending is a viable, although often ignored, area of lending that can help those facing tough restrictions and high interest rates. Equities First Holdings is a global lender that has created stock-based lending options for those seeking an alternative to the status quo. However, it might be difficult to know whether or not this lending option is right for you.

Who Benefits

New regulations in the financial market have made it more difficult for some borrowers to secure capital. For some, the tightened regulations and removal of options have made it impossible for them to even qualify for a loan. For others, they qualify but are forced to pay astronomical interest rates and take on more risk than they’d like. If you fall into either of these categories, a stock-based loan might be a viable option for you. Unlike margin loans, which often come with restrictions on how the capital can be spent and require pre-qualification, a stock-based loan allows you to collateralize the stock you already have in exchange for working capital.

What Are the Benefits?

The benefits of a stock-based loan are many. First, your money is yours to do with as you see fit. If you need working capital, the last thing you want is to be saddled with restrictions on how you can spend it. You know what your business needs, and stock-based loans allow you to make those decisions freely. Another benefit of stock-based loans is that you don’t have to deal with massive interest rates. Most stock-based loans come with a fixed rate of about two to three percent. Finally, stock-based loans are typically no-recourse loans, so you can walk away at any time.

Equity First Holdings specializes in stock-based loans and has gained the trust of clients worldwide. They’ve successfully secured over 600 stock-based loans totaling over 1.5 billion dollars, offering their clients high loan to value rates and minimizing risk. While all financial options come with some amount of risk, collateralizing your stock is one way to minimize that risk while obtaining the working capital you need.

Capital Anesthesiology Association 101

Anesthesiology is one of life’s greatest practices and without it, medical patients would experience excruciating discomfort. One of the best anesthesiology organization in the country is Capital Anesthesiology Association. (CAA) is one of the largest independent practices with over 130 Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists and over 80 physicians. The organization has been around since 1973 and provides care for over 20 Medical Facilities in Metro-Austin, TX.

(CAA) is a member of the (AQI) Anesthesia Quality Institute and provides the best of care in business and clinical practices. The medical team is made up of the finest doctors, nurses, and anesthesia technicians. The organization’s staff has went through extensive training for providing the general public with the best of service. The staff also covers a wide range of divisions and specializes in areas such as cardiothoracic, obstetric, pediatric anesthesiology. Capital Anesthesiology Association offers services for high-acuity hospitals, level 1 hospitals, and ambulatory surgical centers. (CAA) makes billing easy for all payments as the administrative staff is highly competent and are dedicated to support each patient through the process. In other words, Capital Anesthesiology Association is capable to handle all of the general public’s needs.