Art Enthusiasts Like Adam Sender Collect Art

Those who enjoy art and collecting are in luck. Both passions can be blended perfectly in the form of art collecting. Art collections are not only comprised of paintings, but they’re also made up of a vast array of other art pieces. Collections are nothing without a mastermind pulling the strings. One such connoisseur is Adam Sender. Art lovers like Adam add to their coveted artwork collections like the very artists who create the work, and they do it one brush stroke at a time.

Art collectors are both aesthetically smart and business savvy. Buying and selling art requires a broad knowledge of the market. Collectors often do this by searching for the piece and comparing prices. One must also take its condition into account. If something is in poor condition, it can impact the overall value of the piece.

The experts at can be a good place to start gathering tips. According to them, networking is important when it comes to amassing art. Attending events is vital. Galleries often have paintings on display that are also available for purchase.

Another great way to collect is to look on websites like eBay, Amazon and Etsy. This should only be done by someone experienced because you need a trained eye. Only a practiced eye can make a good estimate on the actual condition and value of the work just with a photograph. For people who are not as seasoned, going to an art show might be best. Being informed is especially imperative.

One such professional art collector is Adam Sender. According to, Adam Sender deals with collectibles that are a huge amount of money. A painting can cost over a million dollars! Adam collects contemporary art and is one of the most successful people in the field. He has a good eye for business and an even better taste for exquisite artwork.

Adam certainly has all of the successful components of a great art collector. He has a background in history and business.Bloomburg Business reports that Adam is an experienced entrepreneur. He is the leader and originator of Exis Capital Management, which he started in 1998. Adam worked as a portfolio manager before that. He also earned his degree in history from the University of Michigan.

The New York Times states that he has since then left Exis Capital Management, however, he still lives and breathes his passion for art.

Successful Brazilian Authors Accept and Overcome

Books and authors alike come from various backgrounds and areas, causing readers to be sprawled between who they should read and what such an author will hold. Brazil holds its share of men and women with a mind toned to writing inspiring and captivating words, from Machado de Assis, breaking barriers due to his skin color and background, and eventually being recognized as both a great writer and as an influential figure when it came to the politics surrounding slavery.

Similarly, there was Clarice Lispector, an emigrant to Brazil who found the escape from persecution from the Soviet Union both in her writing and in her move to Brazil. She seemed to show Brazil the culture could seep into anyone’s writing, even if the writer was not from Brazil initially. Some credit her success to her emigration, but more importantly her emigration saved her life.

Now the backgrounds of authors seem to shift. They are no longer facing such hardships, but still seem to be breaking down barriers. One author in particular can catch the eye of any reader, especially a young and ambitious one. Jaime Garcia Dias was practically born to be successful. His father was a writer and journalist, placing a craving for the world of literature into his heart. But Jaime Garcia Dias pursued his passion of education first, studying and teaching teenagers who also shared a passion for learning about literature. This only kindled the fire burning inside Dias, and by the time he was thirty years old he had successfully published more than ten books and had already begun to be positively recognized for his successes. Soon these numbers escalated to twenty successfully published books and had been bestowed five awards, decorating his career and shining a spotlight on him as if to show Brazil yes, he is a brilliant author. His father was still a defining figure for Dias, and he also pursued the career of journalism, and published a new book as a tribute to his father.

It seems successful Brazilian authors all seem to have one thing in common: their past shapes them to be great, whether the past is painful or pleasant. Why put the past behind you? Accepting or overcoming it may be your next step to greatness.

Wresting World Stunned at Hulk Hogan Comments

The WWE has cut ties with Hulk Hogan after comments were revealed in which the former wrestler went on a racial tirade and made serious comments towards black wrestlers. Although the comments were made 8 years ago, it appears the tape was recently just brought to light, and the WWE took no time in deciding they had to let go of the biggest icon in their industry.

In a statement by Kenneth Griffin, he told the media that “there is little doubt that Hulk Hogan in part is responsible for the huge success the WWE has today. He has brought more fans to the company than any other wrestler, and even today he still is one of the most popular characters in their industry”. The reason he was removed from the website was for comments initially made at the The Rock, in which he called him racial names and criticized him for his arrogance and his luck for getting where he was today.

The interview goes deeper however, where Hogan proclaims he never liked wrestling with black guys, and then again goes on a racial tirade. Response from within the wrestling community was mixed. While Booker T feels that it is unfortunate but the right thing to do, other celebrities say Hogan is the least racist person they know, and that his association with many black friends is a testament to that. Hogan was a part of the popular live show Tough Enough, but after his firing this week, it is uncertain what will happen or if he will be replaced on the live show.

QNET to shift their manufacturing basis to India despite the drawbacks

QNET, the Hong Kong-based company, is currently planning to transfer a principal part of its production basis to India in the next few years. Regardless of the drawbacks in India, the company has resorted to investing heavily in production facilities and the latest establishments in India. QNET is already manufacturing a better portion of its watches in India and their energy drink, Nutriplus, which was specially produced for the Indian market with manufacturing basis in Himachal Pradesh and later all over the world. Zaheer Merchant, the director of corporate affairs of the company, Zaheer Merchant, admitted that they wanted to centralize manufacturing facilities in India. The company distributes a vast range of top-rated customer products online, has developed since its establishment in India 13 years ago. The move to shift manufacturing facilities to India is anticipated to boost the cost to up to 8 and 13%.

Apparently, India’s investment climate is demanding, and many multinational companies go to India to check it out as the final option. The company is optimistic that India’s regulatory framework will advance to offer a secure business atmosphere for foreign investors. The company is still devoted to their distributors by investing in the latest products advancement and production equipment. The distinct feature about QNET is that the company offers a wide variety of lifestyle products. The brand of products totals up to 30 that are categorized into nine diverse products that aim at enriching the lives of customers and enhancing a healthy lifestyle. The products include skincare and nutrition, Swiss-made watches, wellness plus vacation packages.

The company decided to transform their game plan three years ago for the Indian market by concentrating on a selected segment, selecting products that enhanced and made an impact on the lives of their customers. The shift to “life enhancement” enabled the company to stretch their products offered to weight management, water filtration, air purification and education. Even though not all products are present in India, the company is working towards creating a market for its clients.

The leading direct selling company recently disclosed its partnership with Manchester City Football Club (MCFC), the Barclays Premier League Champions as their authorized direct selling partner. The conference took place at the Etihad Stadium with players such as Stevan Jovetic, Edin Dzeko, Jesus Navas and Bacary Sagna attending it.

The partnership will give QNET assess to an array of Manchester City’s non-monetary experiences including player meet and greets that are going to be used as assurance for Independent Representatives or rewards for consistent customers. The Chief Business Officer for Manchester City, Tom Glick remarked on the partnership saying that he was thrilled to join forces with QNET in a contract that will present opportunities through football all over the world and the manifold growth in Asia.


Dr. Jennifer Walden: Gifted, Experienced, Plastic Surgeon

Dr Jennifer Walden is a board certified plastic surgeon. A native Texan, she attended Austin’s Anderson High School. While at Anderson she earned all-state honors as a soccer player. Next she headed off to the University of Texas-Austin where she graduated with a B.A. in Biology. Dr. Walden received her medical degree from the University of Texas Medical Branch. An excellent student, Dr. Walden was class salutatorian and Texas Alpha Chapter of Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society president. Walden did her externship at Miami’s Plastic Surgery Associates under the guidance of facelift surgery pioneers Drs. James Stuzin and Tom Baker.

Once her residency training was complete, Dr. Walden was selected to participate in the world-renowned aesthetic surgery fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital in New York. This enabled her to learn cutting edge techniques in aesthetic plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery from the world’s foremost experts in the field. Those techniques have enabled her to provide the highest quality work on the face, body, and breasts of her patients. She’s been able combine her training and clinical experience with innovative technology to make her one of the best in her field.

After completing her fellowship, Dr. Walden got the opportunity to work as an associate with Dr. Sherrell Aston, the world-famous aesthetic plastic surgeon and cosmetic surgeon-to-the-stars. Dr. Walden also trained under internationally renowned aesthetic plastic surgeons including Dr. Alan Matarasso, Dr. Daniel Baker, Dr. Nicholas Tabbal, and Dr. Gerald Pitman. This enabled her to learn the subtleties of sophisticated cosmetic surgery skills and techniques. Dr. Walden did so well she became the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship program director. She held the position until she returned to Texas years later.

Dr. Walden’s work has been wildly successful. She has improved the quality of life for thousands of patients in Texas and worldwide Dr. Walden has also become a published author. She has co-authored and edited Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, an award winning textbook published in 2010 as well as numerous articles and research papers. She is also a consultant with Allergan Medical, Sciton Inc., Venus Concept, and other top aesthetic plastic surgery and breast implant companies.

Dr. Walden is also a member of many prestigious organizations including the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and has won numerous awards for her work and her volunteer activities.

FreedomPop Will Now Be Available in Europe

The popular US Mobile carrier FreedomPop is looking to expand into Europe through a partnership with Three (an existing United Kingdom carrier). The service will mimic the offerings available currently in the United States by offering a set free amount of data, talk and text while charging for additional features and minutes. Included with the news was more information on FreedomPop’s newest service called Jetsetter. The plan offers consumers high-speed data service in up to 50 countries in Europe.

The sim cards for FreedomPop will be available in just the United Kingdom after launch. Jetsetter however, will have SIM cards for sale in the U.K., France and Spain. Multiple more countries are set to be added within two years.

These offerings were announced at a time when FreedomPop is debating on taking on a new round of financing or consider lucrative bids made by other companies. They are currently fielding several merger offers, but will not say if they are considering any, including a possible offer from the carrier Sprint. In either scenario, FreedomPop looks to expand its offerings through cellphone contracts that are far more consumer friendly than traditional carrier plans. Both financing and mergers offer FreedomPop the capital necessary to fund their expansions.

Stephan Stokols, the CEO of FreedomPop, recently commented on the release of a similar service through Google. Google Fi, which would be in direct competition with the wireless service, was priced higher than FreedomPop’s service within the U.S., providing relief for the company without causing a price disruption.

The larger deal at hand, according to Stokols, is the ability for FreedomPop users to switch between carriers. A deal that is currently in the works. If passed, customers would be able to opt to switch from Sprint and T-Mobile – putting more control in the hands of consumers.

Joseph Bismark takes a real approach to business and success


In business there are often people we believe have achieved success, but how many can we say we truly admire? One business leader I can safely say is admired is the managing director of QI, Joseph Bismark, who takes a different approach to business life than many other successful executives. In fact, I believe Bismark looks at both his personal and business life as linked together in a spiritual way that makes it easy for him to bring his spiritual and social beliefs into his business world. 

The Newsom Thing Was Going On blog gives an outline of the life and work of Joseph Bismarck and explains a little about the early life of the Singapore based businessman and how this has affected his entire life. Bismark admits always looking for something spiritual to enter his life and explains the individual approach he has taken to business and social elements comes from his decision at the age of nine to train to become a monk in the Philippines. The lifestyle of the monk remains in Bismark’s world as he looks to allow himself to live a simple lifestyle and gain pleasure from helping others and the environment around him.

The work of Joseph Bismark maintains the theme of social responsibility he has always pushed forward, which includes the chance to embark on a series of charitable works through the QI’s Rhythm foundation. In terms of the business side of Bismark’s life I have been impressed by the way he allows creativity to flourish within the company and the fact every member of the business is treated with the same level of respect no matter what their position or experience level may be.

Finance Assistance with Brian Bonar and the Dalrada Financial Corporation

The field of finance is complicated and extensive. The world’s fiances are all interconnected and dependent on each other. Mergers, closings, sales, anything that has to do with money will have a butterfly effect. For example, if the is a drought in the mid west, as there often is, farmers will not be able to grow as many resources. This can affect the price to the same resources in China, on the other side of the world.

Within finance there are three sub-groups that all deal with the management of money, assets, and their liabilities. They are personal finance, public finance, and corporate finance. Personal finances deal with people one on one or with a family. It focuses on taxes, savings plans, and inheritance. Public finances deals with sub-national entities and their services that people use, like schools, hospitals, and prisons. It focuses on debt insurance and budgeting. Lastly, corporate finance deals with businesses and in the most complete of the three sub-groups. It focuses on portfolio performance, risk management. and revenue growth.

Those who make their living as a financial guidance officer have a very tough job. they must be able to understand all the rules that could pertain to the client they are helping. Every financial case is different and needs a helping hand for it to flourish. They need to be able to look at the future and correctly predict if the financial market is going to remain strong, or crumble like it did back in 2008. Financial guidance officers must jump on good investments while also weighing the risks and avoiding unstable ventures. Their client’s financial future rests in their hands, so they are inclined to make wise decisions.

One of the most experienced financial guidance officer who still works in the field is Brian Bonar. He has put his doctorate degree from Staffordshire University to good use and has decades of training with personal, public, and corporate finance. Bonar has been able so save his clients millions of dollars from what would have been risky investments and also made them more secure by growing their savings plans. He is a genius when it comes to managing money.

Brian Bonar works for the Dalrada Financial Corporation where he has climbed up the corporate ladder. He started out as Director of Director of Technology Sales, then moved up to Vice President of Sales and Marketing, then Executive Vice President, then Chief Operating Officer, then President, and now he is the CEO of the Dalrada Financial Corporation, and Chairman of the Board. With Bonar’s help the Dalrada Financial Corporation has become well known for excellence when regarding financial management and customer service. The company has financial guidance officer’s skilled in all three financial sub-groups and risk prevention.

One More Resident Evil Movie

The Resident Evil franchise has been going strong since 2002. So far, there has been a total of 5 Resident Evil movies. Paul W.S. Anderson is working on a sixth film under the title of The Final Chapter. As the title suggests, this is going to be the last film in the series of Resident Evil films.

According to James Dondero, Resident Evil was originally adapted from a video game that was known as Bio Hazard in Japan. When the game shipped to the United States, it became known as Resident Evil. Out of all of the game based movies, Resident Evil has proven to be the most successful of all of the adaptations. It has spawned a total of 4 sequels so far, 5 if the upcoming film is to be included in the count.

It took a little long to get this film off the ground due to a couple of factors like Paul W.S. Anderson taking a little while longer to write the script. Milla Jovovich has also gotten pregnant which caused a delay so that she can have her child. Now, principal photography is expected to start before the end of summer for a 2016 release.

The Thriving Houston Real Estate Market

People have been flocking to Houston, Texas region for many years. Many Americans find taht the mild climate and relaxed business friendly atmosphere makes an ideal place to live. Investing in any form of real estate in this region can offer all kidns of varied benefits. The contemporary Houston real estate market remains quite strong, offering commercial investors the chance to reach thousands of customers and residential real estate developers the opportunity to be part of a thriving area likely to increase in value in the coming years. Those considering either moving here or investing in the market in the area should take several factors into account before making any final decisions.

The Houston real estate industry encompases two fields. The commercial real estate end focuses closely on helping to provide access to buildings that can be used for various purposes such as housing support personnel for the oil industry. The residential real estate market is focused primarily on selling developments of single family houses. Multiple family houses and apartment buildings are less common in this region of the world where people have the means to spread out. Many investors choose to focus on one area or another area depending on their basic inclinations.

Those intending to enter the field of commercial real estate may want to work closely with a skilled locally based entrepreneur such as Haidar Barbouti. Barbouti has spend over a decade working hard to help expand the Highlawn Village Shopping Center, a notable locally famous shopping center that has long been a gathering place for residents looking for the chance to do their shopping in a pleasant environment that offers easy access to many varied stores.

A skilled professional can provide investors with a guide to the kind of investments that make sense for their needs and allow them to enjoy a high rate of return on their investment. The contemporary real estate scene in Houston offers many such opportunities for the skilled and prepared investor. Those who are going to be involved in such ventures should be prepared with enough capital on hand to help them construct any plans they have in mind as well as to help bring such developments to the notice of the public. Many Houstonians are delighted to be part of a new and contemporary building project tha incorporates the latest in technology to allow people to shop comfortably or to have a house that is truly ideal for their specific needs during the entire year. Careful attention to detail is important in order to enable the investor to be sure and help provide the ideal real estate for the needs of those who are going to live here.