Shared Office Space Can Be the Perfect Answer



When you just cannot afford a big office or large building to be the headquarters of your business, but you want to pursue your dream of having your own small company or service, co-working space can work out beautifully. It is the ideal working environment for startups, freelancers, and small firms at a fraction of the cost of providing your own space, whether short term or long term, with no need to be locked into a long lease.


The United States’ diversity makes it popular with entrepreneurs hoping to start or maintain new businesses. The Small Business Administration estimates that over 627,000 new businesses open up each year and states that start-up venture funding in 2015 was the highest since 2000.


In addition to providing affordable rent and a sharing of a multitude of amenities and office employees, this is a way for you and your customers to enjoy luxurious surroundings when you meet in such a lovely area, whether it is your own office or a conference room. The building may also have a prime and convenient location in a central part of the city that will encourage more business for you.


Having other companies and services in the same location will help draw many customers to the building who may realize that you are there as well. That is a good way of adding to your number of clients.


Workville is a fine example of a company that offers such a service to its members, with plenty of NYC coworking options. Located on the 21st floor of the luxury office building at 1412 Broadway, it is just steps from Times Square and major transportation hubs. Featured are a choice of “move-in ready” private offices, shared office space, or open desks with 24-hour access. In addition, there is a welcoming and helpful staff, music, a lounge area, a full kitchen with complimentary coffee, a café, three outdoor terraces with incredible views, and more.


The interior design of the beautifully-decorated space is a great balance of unique mixed with the expected professionalism. The friendly and cooperative atmosphere of a shared office space with outstanding amenities and networking opportunities creates an inspiring environment that increases the productivity and enjoyment of your working life.

Shinning at home; Jennifer Walden on medicine, motherhood and moving back home

The phrase beauty and brains was coined because this was seen by many as a rare combination. The ones that pursued education with a lot of passion were thought to be not so great in the social skills. However, this is a stereotype that has time and again been proven wrong. One Doctor who is aiming at the glass ceiling when it comes to getting the best of both worlds ins Jennifer Walden. This year, she was named by Harper’s Bazaar as one of the 24 best surgeons in the country.

After completing her medical school, Jennifer knew that she wanted to get into cosmetic surgery. She got into training with the best surgeons in New York. After completing the training and mentorship, she put up her own clinic in Manhattan. Then, she decided that she wanted to fulfill a dream she had harbored for a while, that of becoming a mother. After her children were born, she realized that the best environment to bring them up in.

She then moved back to Texas and started her own practice in Austin. It did not take a long time for the people in the area to find out what a good Doctor she is because she made a reputation and her practice became very popular within a short period of time. Besides being an excellent surgeon, Walden is also a great leader. She has been on the American Board of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery for many years now and is the only woman to have made it there. She is also a friend of the media and has offered several interviews to the media houses about her beliefs and her practice.

Besides her two lovely children, Jennifer has siblings who are very successful in their various fields. It has been a common misconception that when a woman becomes successful academically, she changes into a tough and unfriendly boss. Jennifer is the opposite of these stereotypes. Her character and the way she is grounded is probably because of the sound upbrining she got from her parents and also her charismatic personality.

Bruce Levenson and Former Atlanta Hawks Owners Sue AIG

Entertainment LLC, the former ownership company of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise, has filed a lawsuit against a subsidiary of insurance giant AIG over claims surrounding the termination of general manager Danny Ferry. According to ESPN News, the ex-owners bringing the law suit, who are led by entrepreneur Bruce Levenson, allege that AIG is refusing to process and pay out a claim based on coverage that protects the company in situations such as wrongful terminations and other labor disputes. The franchise is currently owned by a different group of owners, which is led by businessman Tony Ressler. Ferry’s buyout was finalized in June, setting aside a 6-year, $18 million deal.

In addition to his former role with th Atlanta Hawks, Bruce Levenson co-founded United Communications Group, a DC-area firm that currently specializes in providing up-to-the minute data and other types of content and reports to defense and other government contractors all over the world. Levenson founded the company as a print publication serving the oil industry. He is also on the board of TechTarget, a publicly-traded company. Levenson is also an avid philanthropist, supporting the Hoop Dreams Foundation and the I Have a Dream Foundation. Levenson and his wife Karen divide their time between Maryland and Georgia.

Josh Verne: The True Definition of a Successful Businessperson

Josh Verne is a serial entrepreneur based in the United States. He has more than 20 years of business and entrepreneurship experience in starting developing, growing, and selling multi-national multi-million dollar incorporations in the United States. He is the current President and Founder of


  1. Everything needs to be a win-win

As a businessman, you need to agree to deals that follow a win-win action plan. For you to succeed in business, open-ended contracts should be kept out of sight. Endeavor to achieve a win-win for everyone in your firm deals. A win for your clients, a win for you, a win for your employees, is a won for the community. No matter how diverse the situation may look, you must find a way to create a win for everyone.


When you stop settling on open-ended situations, you will engage your minds towards finding the best solution for everyone. Whenever you have a new situation, take your time and work through consultation to achieve a solution. Your business solutions will be sky-rocketed to create a good name for you.


  1. Be a leader, not a boss

In all management levels in organizations, there are leaders and managers. There are marked differences between the two. A manager uses his title to make people do what is in his best interest. Therefore, Josh Verne demands respect. On the other hand, a leader earns respect by putting his workforce together with influence to achieve the best. For this reason, his earned respect make them work for the common benefit of the team. You must become a leader if you want to succeed in life. Never demand respect, and don’t force your will onto others. In everything, you should put others first and influence them towards working with your plan of action.


  1. Listen more, speak less.

This is one of the most profound points in leadership. A good leader speaks less and listens more. People have two ears and one mouth. Therefore we must use them in their proportions. While we struggle to listen more, our words become more authoritative. Whenever you have something to say, they will listen.

Clay Siegall is Fighting the Most Dreaded Killer

Although heart disease officially kills more people, everybody is most afraid of discovering they have cancer. Everybody knows somebody in their family who has had cancer or someone who has died from it. It has affected almost everybody’s family. And, fortunately, the medical research community is looking for ways to prevent and cure cancer.

One of the foremost cancer researchers is Clay B. Siegall Ph.D., Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer of Seattle Genetics, in Bothell Washington. A scientist, Siegall has been researching cancer for his entire professional career. He worked for the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health. Before founding Seattle Genetics in 1998, he spent many years working for Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute.

At Bristol-Myers he began looking into the possibility of using antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) to fight cancer. Monoclonal antibodies are part of our immune systems. They can identify cancer cells, but not kill them. Siegall’s idea is to attach some kind of poison or other way to the antibodies. Then let them find and attach themselves to the cancer cells, with the drug killing them. He founded Seattle Genetics to specialize in ADC solutions. Siegall led Seattle Genetics to a leading position in this field. In 2011 the Food and Drug Administration approved Seattle Genetics’s first drug, ADCETRIS® (brentuximab vedotin). It is based on ADC technology. By partnering with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, Seattle Genetics is able to bring ADCETRIS® to over 60 countries. In addition, the company has over 20 other ADC drugs in the pipeline, both internally and in collaboration with other research companies.

Seattle Genetics has also ventured with such companies as AbbVie, Genentech (Roche), Pfizer, and GlaxoSmithKline. These ventures have brought in over $325 million in revenue. Seattle Genetics (SGEN:NASDAQ GS) went public in 2001, and they have raised over $1.2 billion.


They are also pioneering a related way to use monoclonal antibodies, the sugar-engineering antibody technology (SEA). It increases the potency of monoclonal antibodies, so it is complementary with the ADC technology. SEA produces a stronger immune response by engineering non-fucosylated antibodies. They can use standard cell cultures because it’s not necessary to genetically modify the antibodies.

Talk Fusion And Marketing Hurdles

Talk Fusion has been very successful. One of the factors behind the success of the company and the app is the type of creativity that goes into it. There have been a lot of promotions for the product and company. Among the promotions that have been run is the 30 day free trial which allows people to try out the service and see how well it helps their business. However, there is a recent promotion that is being run for associates. This promotion allows people to take a trip to Milan, Italy. This is part of the instant pay compensation plan that is being run in 140 countries.


One thing that Talk Fusion is good for is overcoming marketing hurdles. For people that are starting their business, there are a lot of marketing hurdles that need to be overcome. Bob Reina has seen an opportunity to make business marketing easier for people who are trying to make their business successful. Talk Fusion offers people a lot of tools which include video chat for customer service. When people have a question, they can engage the marketer in a session of video chat so that they could answer questions quickly. One thing that customers want from a business is a quick solution to their problems.


Another hurdle that people have in their marketing that Talk Fusion helps with is the marketing itself. It does take a long time to type out the type of marketing message that they are going to have to send to people. One thing, the marketing message requires a lot of text. This could actually take hours to write. People have to tell a story about the product that is being offered and place in a call to action. Meanwhile, the video email feature allows people to take the time to talk about the product and be creative with the video they produce. Not only is it a lot easier, but it is also more creative and more likely to bring in conversions.

Superstar Status is awaiting with the Brown Company on Board

The remarkable Brown Agency is just waiting to groom that special model or theatrical actress or actor for success. Under the Presidency of Justin Brown, who was head of Wilhelmina, the Brown agency continues to get raving reviews from YouTube to a News Channel 8 broadcast in Austin, Texas. Known for their spectacular event parties the Brown Agency knows how to celebrate all new comers and veterans alike. Lights, camera, action, and achievement are what they thrive upon.

On July 4th, 2016, the Brown Agency showcased a numerous amount of models and designers. Music and dance surrounded the venue for the recognized event. Deep Eddie Vodka, North Shore Austin and other supporters came out to honor the Brown Agency, their artistic talent, and sophisticated models. The view at the 4th of July party was breathtaking for anyone to see. The pool was bright with a dim touch as various talent splashed below the red, yellow, and blue neon lights that covered the swimming area. In fact, this gala persevered through the twilight of after hours. Needless to say, they always offer a great place to network with industry leaders.

The Formula One Party was another Brown Agency event that starred many designers and models sashaying down the runway in top apparel. Brown does not just boast on its’ models, but also the theatrical talent that flourishes all over the world.

Because of the lavish hairstyles and designer pool outfits, to fancy dresses; this company is indeed bringing a dynamic look to the scene of artistry. The Brown Agency have produced models that are linked to high profile companies such as Louis Vuitton and other well-known affiliates. It is the Brown reputation that thrives on great success. They know that it is important to be critical of the business vendors that are linked to agency clients as they continue to strive high.

In conclusion, The Brown Agency sets the tone for the talented that refine the runways for Austin, and other geographical regions. They participate in an array of Fashion Week Events. The goal is to mold high-fashion and talent to offer the world, this might be a great choice for you. Built on trust, recognition, and leadership makes them stand out from a lot of the rest. If you’ve got the talent, the Brown Agency is for you. This agency specializes in placement in television roles, commercial acting, movie recruiting, and encourage top runway models with the most character to put their best foot forward and be the finest of star quality for various productions. Men, women, teens, and children with confidence and determination are all welcome and do benefit from the expertise and inspiration of an Agency you can be sure to reach the stars with!

Former Hawks Basketball Team Owners Sue Their Insurance Company

Bruce Levenson is a member of The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC, the former team owners of the Hawks basketball team which still made news in April 2015 after months of being on bid. Bruce’s estimate value for the team was $1 billion. The sale was estimated to end in June.

Under negotiation management of Goldman Sachs and Inner Sports, Antony Ressler agreed to buy the Atlanta Hawks at $850 million in cash, well above the 425$ million Forbes had ranked the Hawks with on June 24th. Read,

The team was forced to go into market due to some social remarks disagreements that were made public.

The investigation followed a similar unsettling remark by Ferry about freelancing agent Luol Deng.Luol made the remarks on a conference call with the management.

Emerging reports from state that the former ownership group, Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment (AHBE), led by Bruce Levenson filed a lawsuit against New Hampshire Insurance Company for a breach of contract. The lawsuit was enforced by Ferry.

AHBE has reported that it was insured against “Workplace Offences” and “Wrongful Cessation”.

The former ownership group filed the concern with the insurance company on April 2 2015.

Disclosed information indicates that the lawsuit claimed the insurance company rejected knowledge of the claim or policy violation. It also indicated that the company refused to compensate for damages incurred during the settlement.

The complaint detailed that the policies were the clearly triggered and (AIG), the insurance company denied the claims without providing substantial reasons.

James J. Leonard, the attorney representing AHBE, explained that attempted contact with AIG had failed.

The insurance company is expected to pay an extra 50% fine for damages on the attorney’s expenses.

The new team owners under Antony Ressler have not commented on the matter, stating that they are not involved.


Modernized Recruitment – Raj Fernando

The markets are opening up, and there has been an increase in companies’ expansion as well as new ones being founded. Every entrepreneur wants to recruit the best team to build their organization and their brand in general. Several companies hire staff in huge numbers take them through training or a probation period to get the best.

Raj Fernando is the CEO of Chopper Trading does the staffing in a unique way. Raj is quite familiar with the nature of his business being challenging and very demanding, and his purpose is to hire individuals who will retire from the company in the future. He says it does not matter the amount of money any employee brings to the organization if the individual is going to make the place miserable he does not need their skills. Fernando trusts that hiring a person in his company is like a marriage; he wants the person to want them, and the company tries to weed every important detail about the individual at interview level.

At Choppers Trading, the sign-up team must attend trade fairs at the top schools in the country. The team that is appointed to recruit at the first stage it includes top executives, entrepreneurs, programmers as well as Raj himself. They hire employees who will not only fit or bring their skills and knowledge in the organization but one who will also be comfortable working in the company. The interview process at Chopper Trading is known to be detailed and lengthy; this is because the Human Resource Department in the organization, wants to get a clear picture of the individual been interviewed, helping them know if the person is fit for the position they are hiring.

Raj Fernando is an entrepreneur, and he began his career at Chicago Mercantile Exchange as a volunteer. Due to his determination and his go-getter spirit, he climbed the career ladder. In 2002 Mr. Fernando established Chopper Trading after several years of holding various leadership posts at Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Chicago Board of Trades.

After working at Chicago Mercantile Exchange for several years, in 2004 Raj decided to concentrate on Chopper Trading entirely. He is responsible for handling, executing as well as designing the most refined risk management, communication, trading, monitoring, and coding of security system in the commercial sector. Ra is a graduate of Beloit College where he earned a bachelor’s Degree in Economics and History. He also servers in the Board of Directors at Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Raj has an experienced in the financial sector, and he is an expert in the financial markets and cyber securities, skills that have seen him counsel and govern his organization as well as other boards and organizations he serves.

For more details please visit

The New Velvetines by Lime Crime

Everyone wants to stand out and show their individuality. It’s what separates us from the next person. There are many ways people choose to stick out from what’s the norm. Many people choose be bold with their hair, tattoos, piercings, style, and now make-up. Doe Deere, founder and CEO of Lime Crime cosmetics, and curator of their blog, created this make-up line in 2008 for those who dared to be bold. They carry numerous types of make-up such as eye-shadows, liners, and their top selling liquid lipsticks.

According to the website in 2009, they launched the Unicorn Lipsticks line which made them one of the leaders of revolutionary and distinctive lip colors. They’ve continued to thrive as the matte lipstick trend broadened and expanded in popularity. Lime Crime is not only well known for being cruelty free, but in 2012 they formulated their make-up to meet Vegan standards, and the Tumblr crowd went wild. It’s another plus to this well-known make-up line.

In 2012 the Velvetines line was introduced to Naimies, a line of liquid lipsticks that dries into a matte form. With the release of this line, Lime Crime took the lead in the matte liquid lipstick trend. The Velvetine lipstick line comes in a variety of shades and also has its own line of Metallic Velvetines which have become extremely popular in recent years.

Their regular line for Velvetine comes in about 41 shades with names like Riot, Shroom, Saint, and Pumpkin. See how they all look on Celia Leslie’s cool YouTube tutorial.  Many have taken a positive liking to Lime Crime’s Velvetine line. Reviewer Aimee from left a review saying, “I love my cashmere velvetine. It doesn’t make my lips peel or anything. I’m just in love. My favorite color of all.”  PRNewswire cites that their Metallic Velvetine line carries colors like Posh, Vibe, and Lana. More colors are coming along as we speak. Another happy reviewer named Maryam from left, “Amazing product! I love the look and feel of this lipstick. The color looks amazing on my olive skin.” It’s definitely a line those who dare to be bold and radical should definitely try.