Charles Koch: A Mission To Purge America Of Social Corruption

With the upcoming elections nearing fruition, supporters, and forward-thinking liberal, Charles Koch, intends to strengthen philanthropic efforts. With Koch focused on immobilizing the ongoing asymmetric warfare among the privileged American nation; he’s bent on creating equal opportunities for all citizens. In fact, he didn’t waste any time last year in sponsoring numerous organizations, including the UNCF (United Negro College Fund).

In addition, Koch and his team have already structured a two-year Republican campaign fundraiser with the ambition of pooling estimated $900 million in donations. Koch intends to donate about a third of this money to the fast-approaching elections. His aides have also held a dialog with the U.S. president’s administration in the interest of stepping up initiatives to revise job licensing policies/laws limiting the opportunities extended to rehabilitating ex-convicts, business prospects and the poor. This inequality has greatly contributed to the rapidly rising presence of violent crimes throughout American cities.

Most recently, Charles Koch expanded the family’s foundation with the aim of dedicating a social responsibility wing to strengthen to the organization. Its formation puts emphasis on improving American education and disabling the vehicles of poverty. The recently incorporated organization “Stand Together” hasn’t officially transitioned beyond the startup phase. Nevertheless, Koch and the organizers have remained sanguine about raising $15 million. This philanthropic mission aims to put emphasis on realizing the core values in purifying America. The magnanimous Koch Brothers and family have long been sponsoring humanitarian efforts throughout America. In a collaboration with the prolific black conservative, Bob Woodson, the group contributed generously in abating the presence of poverty and social inequality.

Charles Koch who’s garnered a wealth of reputation in recent years. As a prolific donor to charitable missions and an American entrepreneur, he commands the prosperous Koch Industries. The top-grossing multi-billion dollar empire initially commenced its operation as an investor of chemicals and oil refining. Today, it’s expanded its reach, including a broader range of industries such as commodity trading, forestry, agricultural supplies, fibers/polymers, technologies, etc. Alongside his brother David, Charles manages the company’s core operation as chief executive and board chairman. His brother holds the title of vice president and controls 42% of the company’s key assets.

During the first quarter of 2014, Hurun Report released a news issue, recognizing Charles Koch as the world’s ninth richest businessman among other entrepreneurs and sixth two years earlier. Prior to this monumental achievement, Charles published an MBM (Market-Based-Management) book named “The Science of Success.” Certainly, it became a bestselling masterpiece immediately after its release back in 2007. This book shared Charles Koch’s best secrets and management philosophies that made him immensely successful.

Forbes ranked Charles Koch the world’s eighteenth richest billionaire in 2011. In addition, he ranked fourth on the Forbes-400 list that same year. He’s richly invested in sponsoring youth education. Among educational programs he’s supported are GMU’s (George Mason University) Mercatus Center and the IHS (Institute for Humane Studies). Additionally, his donations extend to cultural and charitable groups as well. Another notable fact is that he’s a co-founding partner of Cato Institute, a promising initiative based on reforming the social policies for a better American nation.

Keith Mann Continues To Invest In Education With A Scholarship For College-Bound, Low-Income Youth

Keith Mann, the founder and CEO of the hedge fund services company Dynamics Search Partners has further demonstrated his philanthropy efforts by partnering with Uncommon Schools – a New York City nonprofit charter school and management program. The partnership between Mann and Uncommon Schools is centered around the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement, which will be awarded to a senior high school student who is enrolled in the non-profit, Brooklyn-based charter program.

The Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement offers a $5,000 award to the the student who qualifies. To be a winning recipient of the scholarship, students are required to submit a 1,000 word essay that explains why they think they deserve to win the scholarship. A counselor who works for the Uncommon Schools charter program, Joe Frick, was quoted as saying, “this scholarship will help ensure that one of our students has the means to attend a four-year college.” Keith Mann has other fund raising relationships with Uncommon School’s that has resulted in him raising tens of thousands of dollars for the program.

Keith Mann has done a lot to build a successful corporate business and to give back to the community. He has contributed to the New York City police department, and he raises funds for a variety of organizations, such as, which is a foundation that raises money to purchase school supplies for low-income schools.

Keith Mann has aligned himself with great success and accomplishments. As the founder of Dynamics Search Partners, Mann has built a stable financial organization that provides hedge fund services, alternative investment services, and professional employment sourcing of the brightest and sharpest minds in the hedge fund industry. Mann has built Dynamics Search Partners into a ten-year company that has developed an impressive pool of top-tier, financial professionals.

Mann is a compassionate executive that makes a lot of effort to build personal wealth while simultaneously helping poverty-stricken youth achieve success with educational opportunities and resources. Mann propagates a philosophy of aligning impoverished youth with large corporations that can fund them, mentor them and provide them with opportunities, such as employment and professional referrals and support.

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New Devises For People Suffering From Sleep Apnea

Americans love traveling and this has been evident in the 2.1 million trips in 2014. This means that they spend a lot of time away from their home. For people with sleeping disorders such as sleep apnea, travelling can be quite difficult and challenging. They have to use a CPAP machine when sleeping during the night, and they are always in a dilemma whether to carry the machine or not.

The CPAP machine is very important for people suffering from this disorder. However, the most effective machines are not easy to pack when the individual is traveling, and this means that the patient is forced to leave the machine behind. There is good news to the patients though. There are new ideas to help travelers with this disorder. Here are some solutions:

Travel CPAP

The travel CPAP machine is actually smaller when compared to the normal one, and it is also more compact compared to the traditional one. These devises are small in size because they do not have a humidifier, and some people can survive well without it. Most of the travel devises available today in the market can monitor and also record the patients sleep data without any problems.

Oral Appliance
when using the oral appliance, the individual doesn’t have to use masks, wires or even machinery when they are sleeping. The device fits perfectly just like a mouth guard and supports the jaw to help keep an open airway. The device must be perfect for the individual. The patient must visit a qualified professional to have them custom made.
Nasal Valve Therapy
this is a new devise in the market, and it is quite simple. These devises must be given under a prescription, and they must be approved by the required authority. The devise should only be used once, and it is important to consult with your doctor before buying it.

If you have this disorder, it is crucial to seek the help of a qualified professional. Avi Weisfogel is one of the best doctors in the country dealing with any sleeping disorder. At the moment, he owns the Dental Sleep Masters Seminar Instructor that is found in New York. Throughout his career, he has helped people with sleep disorders and sleep treatment too. he has also been very instrumental in introducing the new devices for travellers. Now people with the condition can sleep well even during their trips.

Avi is a known philanthropist and recently launched  a GoFundMe campaign benefiting Operation Smile. Follow Avi on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on Avi’s GoFundMe campaign here!

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My Perfect Dinner Party With Help From Handy

I love to give dinner parties of all kinds. I will spend hours planning out the perfect menu and thinking about where I intend to seat people. I also love to think about the way I’m going to show off my understanding of the latest in current events to people I invite to my parties. I really want to be able to talk about the dinner party when I’m giving it and not too much else. This is why I find that it is very helpful to me to be able to have someone else do the cleaning for me.

The question has always been who and how. When my long time cleaning service went out of business because the owner retired, I realized that I had to find another service to help me clean. I am really busy and I don’t always have the time to get this done. So help is really vital to have on hand. I was pleased to realize that I could easily get access to dozens of potential cleaning companies when I choose to download an app called Handy. Just as promised, the app is handy. I found it to be very handy actually. I was easily able to get help when I looked for it via this app.

The app is much easier to use than finding a cleaning service on your own. When I tried to find a cleaning service to help me out, I was immediately met by a long list of companies but had very little to on other than the company name. When I used the app, I was immediately given a long list that was very detailed. This allowed me to pick out the kind of cleaning service that I knew was just right for my needs based on the criteria that I had decided to set up. I was also able to find the criteria I knew I needed from a very helpful list of possible menu items that were located along the side of the app.

Handy has been blowing up the past two years. They’ve reached milestones such as 1 million customers and generating 1 million dollars a month in revenue. Handy recently locked down $50 million in funding to expand it’s services and availability.
In short, this is a great way to locate a cleaning company for anyone’s needs. You don’t have the hassle of calling many people and then needing to take the time to speak with them in person. Just work with it and get the best possible results just like I did when I used it myself a few weeks ago. Follow Handy on Twitter and Facebook today!!

Offshore Borrowing Rates For The Yuan Fall As China’s Central Bank Warns Against Short Selling

China’s recent attempts to boost its economy by pulling funds from offshore markets to fund domestic banks seem to have fallen flat. The Offered Rate for three-month Yuan loans by the Hong Kong InterBank slumped to 4.87 percent, a decline of more than 5% since January 12’s record of 10.42 percent, while the comparable rate fell to 3.10 percent in Shanghai.

As a result, huge funds are expected to move into the offshore market, making a pool of Yuan available to be borrowed or sold. To combat this increase in offshore funds a spike in the onshore interest rates is required, a move that comes with the risk of further depressing the economy is too huge. The current gap between offshore and onshore rates looks too wide to bridge, especially with speculations of the Yuan falling up to 15% rife in the market.

Since its devaluation in August, the People’s Bank of China has been purchasing the Yuan, leading to record highs in Yuan borrowing costs in Hong Kong, the currency’s biggest offshore financing centre. Yuan Hibor – the Hong Kong Treasury Markets Association’s benchmark to price loans outside China – made an all time high jump of 66.8 percent at 1.1 percent, while the three-month rate rose to 6.3 percent from 1.43 percent. The Yuan has fallen 5.6 percent in Shanghai since August, at 6.5787 per dollar, as compared to the rate in Hong Kong, at 6.6052.

To ease the currency’s decline, the PBOC has $321 billion of its foreign exchange reserves in addition to six interest rate cuts since 2014. The Chinese economy grew 6.9 percent in 2015, the lowest growth since 1990, prompting investors to withdraw funds in fear of further devaluation of the currency. The outflows in 2015 amounted to $1 trillion, almost seven times 2014’s amount.

Despite warnings not to short sell the Yuan by Chinese officials, including one to investor George Soros, there are still several onshore and offshore sellers willing to short the Yuan, including James Dondero, U.S. based Highland Capital Management’s president and financial expert. With thirty years of stock market experience under his belt, it doesn’t look like tough game for him.

Founded in 1993 by Jim Dondero, Highland Capital Management is based in Dallas, Texas with offices in New York, Singapore and London as well. The company manages alternative investments with a focus on hedge funds and is also an investor in several global public equity funds and high yield bonds in hedging markets.

Jim Dondero manages Highland Capital’s assets and high income investments. He is also an expert financial analyst with experience in portfolio management. His areas of specialization include high yield bonds, leveraged bank loans, and debts in emerging markets. Besides Highland Capital, Jim is also on the board of advisors at Nexpoint.


Brad Reifler: Success is a Way of Life

When a CEO leads a company, there are many things done that ultimately decide its success. Whether it’s a special rapport with clients, networking with a variety of professionals within the industry, or having the insight to develop strategies based on current business trends, it is these factors that are a way of life for those who find success. For a CEO such as Brad Reifler, success is a way of life with each and every company with which he is affiliated.

A leading investor and entrepreneur for three decades, Brad has used various business techniques to achieve his phenomenal success. Years of studying business trends, a willingness to develop and implement strategies that others may have deemed too risky to use, and a determination to be the best at whatever he does has helped Brad immensely over the years. Never having a fear of failure, Brad always sees a tough situation as a challenge to be overcome rather than an opportunity for failure. Because of this attitude, Brad is always able to believe in himself as well as others who will be working with him.

While some people may look at Brad’s achievements on and think it was all pure luck, Brad knows that it has come from hard work, dedication, and a commitment to his strategies. In fact, from the time Brad was just beginning his entrepreneurial career, he quickly realized it would be his commitment to hard work and strategic planning that would be the difference between winning or losing in the business world. Therefore, Brad has always remembered how he felt when he was preparing to start Reifler Trading Company, which turned out to be an early success that showcased what was to come in later years.

After he sold RTC, Brad has since gone on to start many other companies from scratch and turn all of them into very successful businesses. Whether it was Pali Capital or Forefront Capital Management, Brad has shown time and time again that he is a CEO for the ages. A hands-on approach, along with a willingness to work with everyone from the top on down, has allowed Brad to gain an understanding of his businesses that few other business leaders possess. By doing so, he will continue to not only find success with his companies, but also be a businessman others can look up to in the years to follow.  Yahoo Finance has shown what Brad Reifler has done for his companies.  Not to mention how Brad’s Reuters articles have shown where he’s going in the future.

The Importance of Reputation Management Services and Status Labs

As any business will attest, it is all about the reputation. A business is only as strong as their reputation. Outside of large, nationwide organizations where consumers have no choice but to deal with the organizations, small to medium sized businesses all rely on their reputation. Without a strong reputation, the business is going to miss out on sales and even experience poor word of mouth online. In the age of the Internet, word of mouth can spread like wildfire online, moving from one Twitter post or Facebook comment to millions of other accounts within a few minutes. So how can a business avoid this kind of situation? With the help of a reputation management service such as Status Labs.

So what exactly does an online reputation management service do? Status Labs specializes in making sure a business, individual or organization has a proper presence online. This comes in two different forms. First, it goes through outgoing means, where the business itself posts content and information online. Status Labs makes sure the information is desirable and may not be taken in harsh light. It also does whatever it needs to do do clean up improper posts and other undesirable content that might appear online. Sometimes what someone thinks might be a find post can actually cause all sorts of backlash. Status Labs and other reputation management services are all about preventing these kinds of issues.

The next way is to monitor incoming content. Sometimes there are individuals who would rather post negative comments about a business or individual and this information is not always accurate. Status Labs can receive notifications about when such content is posted and do everything in their power to make sure it is either removed or to help the business address the issue. All of this helps boost the company’s online reputation and take it to the next level. After all, in the world of modern online businesses, it all comes down to what a business is able to do and their reputation. Without a strong online reputation, a business is going to falter and not receive the desirable attention it needs.

Bass’s Predictions About Current Market Trend in Selling Off

On January 25, 2016, a Wall Street Week video featuring Kyle Bass’s opinions about the current marketing sell-off was released. A sell-off is an accelerated selling of a security of a commodity, which leads to rapid downward decreases in its pricing. Generally, it occurs when the majority of shareholders of the same stock sell that particular stock’s security for internal or external reasons. For example, a sudden increase in the price of beauty products may trigger the shareholders to start selling off whatever stocks they have with beauty companies in order to avoid having to contribute to the increase in the price of raw materials.

UsefulStooges shows Bass’s prediction about the current selling-off trend going on in the market is that it will continue to face tough times throughout at least the next three innings. He also believes that Brazil’s economy won’t recover until they balance their “corruption”. For example, their recent Operation Car Wash scandal funds were dishonestly generated all the way to the President. His view about Russia is that they still have to deal with their “international sanctions”, for example, their recent ban on George Soros’ Open Society. China is still having to deal with the crisis of their major banking loss and devaluing their dollar. Finally, India is the one that currently looks the brightest.

Kyle Bass is the founder of Hayman Capital Management. He is well-known for correctly predicting the mortgage crisis of 2008. However, his predictions and reputation have since gone downhill. He always seems to be eager to go on television and other media in order to give over his opinions and analysis about the market trends in a way that is reportedly rather self-serving.

Finances is not all that Bass has done. Back during the turn of the century, he worked with M. Night Shayamalan on both the script and direction of The Sixth Sense. At that time, the general public put Bass on a pedestal. Now it seems that he partners with all of the wrong people, including Argentinean despot (or authoritarian ruler with absolute power), Cristina Kirchner.


Ricardo Guimaraes is a Brazilian businessman and the former chairman of Banco BMG. Ricardo, who was born in Belo Horizonte, is the grandson of the founder of the bank Antonio Moura Guimaraes. Ricardo entered into the business in 1980 where he was the office assistance. Even though Ricardo was born in an affluent family, he still worked hard and had the motivation to achieve his goals. Ricardo leads the Banco BMG bank into credit management and offers loans to different people at reasonable Interest rates. Ricardo predicts that the company has a bright future and with a healthy support system intends to be the best in the credit market.
Ricardo over the years as being a businessman has received several awards and recognitions including the grand collar of the legislative merit in the year 2004. Ricardo is an enthusiast of different sports and, therefore, support in funding this different games. This funds included the Ricardo soccer br1 for football players and contributed R $ 20 million to various athletes. In turn, the sports provide favorable returns. He even was the chair for the Clube Atletico Mineiro for about five years as from
Ricardo has become a role model for many symbolizing good citizenship and an example of absolute commitment to the people. With many dignitaries recognizing his work, Ricardo has been able to receive many favors and support from them through different ways including mobilizing the people. Ricardo owes it to the population of Belo Horizonte for his success.
With his experience in the business world, Ricardo shares a few tips for the people. Ricardo states some of the research done by endeavor together with meta British research institute concludes that he has the dream, creativity as well as a vision but tends to lack proactivity. Brazilian entrepreneurs based on their creativity and vision have outstanding results while regarding proactivity the score was lower than the world’s average. Slightly behind the USA, Brazilian entrepreneurs had a rating of 138.8 showing that they are above the mean score. Ricardo says that the men entrepreneurs have a higher average rating as compared to the women in Brazil. Also stating that the young entrepreneurs have a higher score as compared to the older entrepreneurs.

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As found on Agencia Estado.

Great Brands of Dog Food for a Healthy Pet

For so many dog owners, it can be a struggle to find a product that is perfect for their beloved pooch. If this has been an issue for you, it can be easy to figure out which brands are out there and which ones provide the nutrients that your dog needs to stay as healthy as possible. The first step to finding a great brand is to know what types of ingredients are used in the food you are about to buy. Most foods that are made using lesser quality ingredients can be unhealthy for your dog, similar to how it would be for you to eat fast food or junk food all the time. If you want to go with a great brand but do not want to spend a small fortune, it might help to choose the Beneful line of products from Purina Store. Beneful has been around for many years and simply continues to grow in its popularity. The reason for this is because they are backed by a passion for dog food, allowing you to feel confident that you have made a decision that is ideal for your dog and his needs. So many people have been switching to Beneful because of their range of products and high-quality ingredients. In fact, you might even find that Beneful is a lot less expensive than if you were to go with another brand that uses better ingredients. You will love that Purina Beneful is healthy and inexpensive, allowing you to make it a staple in your dog’s diet for many years to come. Now that you know how important it is for you to choose a great brand of dog food, it is time to look at what is available to you and what types of ingredients to choose. It is a good idea to avoid products that contain a range of fillers and by-products so that you know you are not feeding your dog nothing but junk. There are so many benefits to dog food brands, and this is why a lot of people have been choosing it for their own dog’s needs.