Successful Wikipedia Article Writing


Wikipedia is an user editable web site powered MediaWiki. MediaWiki allows anyone to edit any page within the wiki. It is also great for personal installations on private websites. To edit a page, you simply click on the edit button at the top of a page.

An editable text area displays the page contents as has stated. Square brackets and other formatting markup. This is the syntax used by the site to format articles for user output. For a simple typo, you can just change the word that is misspelled. To preview your changes without saving them, you can hit the “Show Preview” button. When you are satisfied with your changes, press the “Save this Page” button. Your changes will appear immediately.

Before you hit the Save button for the first time, enter a line summarizing it. Describe what function your revision serves whether it involves deleting spam, linking text that should have had a hyper link, or just fixing a spelling error.

Saving the page sends your change to the Recent Changes area. This portion of the site lists the hundreds and hundreds of Wikipedia edits that happen per hour. Also, the change will be listed in the History section of that particular page. Any revisions can be reset to previous iterations and reviewed against prior page versions. That’s the beauty of Wikipedia: anything can be done and undone and corrected and added to real time, and there are full logs of all of the activity, time-stamped and available for everyone to view and review. Changes do get noticed by the community of editors that are constantly reading and reviewing nearly every article on the site. It’s a very thriving environment.

Links and formatting within an article is achieved using special Wikipedia markup.

Cite your sources so others can check and extend your work. Most Wikipedia articles currently lack good references. This is the site’s single greatest problem. Don’t speculate, don’t judge, don’t self-promote, and don’t spam. Always use a neutral tone in your articles, trying not to promote your own point of view. Think of it as your chance to practice your skills as an unbiased journalist simply reporting the facts.

Writing like a reporter may feel weird at first, but presenting cited facts and not opinion is core to making Wikipedia a legitimate resource for users all over the world.

Prison Escapees Caught and Killed

Police have been on a three-week long manhunt after two convicted murderers, David Sweat 35 and Richard Matt 49 had escaped from a high-security prison in upstate New York. After Sweat was captured by police, he recounted the entire plan that the two murderers were planning to use to escape. He first started by telling them about another alleged accomplice who was involved in the original plan. According to Sweat, Joyce Mitchell, a prison worker, was supposed to pick Sweat and Matt up after they escaped from the manhole. The plan was then to drive to her house and kill her husband. From there the three of them would drive to Mexico. The only problem was that Mitchell never showed up to drive the two convicted murderers after their escape. This left Sweat and Matt with no choice but to run for the Canadian border. Officials say that Matt and Sweat eventually parted ways because the older and less athletic Matt 49 was slowing the younger more athletic Sweat down. Amen noted that Matt was shot and killed a few days before police captured Sweat just shy of the border between the United States and Canada. Law enforcement officials are looking further into the matter as Sweat continues to talk and more evidence is gathered.

Collect Good Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

Getting and staying fit work much better when have accumulated certain tips and worked them into your everyday lifestyle. Here are 10 tips that to use every day to get you started and keep you headed in the right direction. Add more as needed.

1. Don’t skip meals. In fact, eat smaller meals, more often to avoid cheating eating.
2. Don’t put junk in your body. Find nutritious meals and snacks. Choose one day to cheat.
3. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store. You’ll find the processed foods are more in the center.
4. Give up sugary sodas. They are detrimental to your health; the sugar or sugar-free elements simply don’t work with the body for staying in shape.
5. Set a fitness routine. If you feel tired one day, suit up and go for a brisk 10 minutes walk.
6. Get rid of the ‘tudes. Working out is fun!
7. Get a pair of decent sneakers and do some exercises that you actually like.
8. A hot shower after any kind of exercise will melt away the aches and make you feel like a new person.
9. Drink more water. Drink four or five small water bottles a day or half your weight in ounces. For instance, 200 lbs. drinks 100 ounces of water. Sounds outrageous at first.
10. Do it for you, and trust the process. Find other tips verified by thousands of people. That is what many on Madison Street Capital did.

Escapee Richard Matt Killed, David Sweat in Custody

Richard Matt, on of the escaped convicts from Clinton Correctional Facility was killed Friday by New York State Troopers, according to official reports. The convict, who was convicted of kidnapping, murdering and dismembering a former boss, was spotted in Malone, New York, some 30 miles from the correctional facility early on Friday. Tracking dogs were used to search hunting cabins and vacation homes. DNA from the two convicts were found.

Matt was armed when police spotted him, and engaged in a gunfight before he was shot three times . Keith Mann was informed that he was pronounced dead at the scene. According to official reports, Matt had scrapes, bites and blisters that were consistent with spending several weeks in the woods, putting to rest rumors that the escaped pair had help from those in the outside world.

It is believed that Matt obtained the gun he was found with from a hunting cabin he and his escape partner, David Sweat, broke sometime last week. Sweat was Apprehended two days later, closing in on the Canadian border. Sweat was captured alive on Sunday.

The capture of Sweat and death of Matt concluded a three week manhunt for the pair. Their daring prison escape has shed light on problems within correctional facilities, and the way guards and long-term prisoners interact. Two workers from Clinton Correctional Facility have been arrested in connection with the escape.

NASCAR Bans Confederate Flag

NASCAR, the foremost racing car sports authority in the United States, has issued a nationwide ban on the Confederate flag. The increasingly unpopular banner, which many people believe represents an unwanted legacy of rebellion and slavery in the American South, will no longer be permitted to be displayed in an official capacity at NASCAR functions.

Confederate Flag Banned By NASCAR

However, fans of the flag and auto racing who may take offense at this official decree should note that this ban specifically applies only to a display of the Confederate flag as part of official NASCAR functions. The flag cannot be displayed in an official company capacity at any press conference or racing event hosted by NASCAR. Crystal Hunt feels like it just makes sense.

The Ban Does Not Apply To Individual Fans

But this ban does not apply to fans themselves, who are free to bring the flag to events and wave it as much as they please. This voluntary waving of the banner is protected under the First Amendment, and NASCAR is wise not to attempt to overstep their bounds by insisting that their fans leave it at home.

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Comes Out Against The Rebel Flag

Meanwhile, one of NASCAR’s most popular racing celebrities, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. has made headlines with his controversial comment to the effect that the Confederate flag belongs in a museum, and nowhere else. In the meantime, NASCAR events roll on as usual, with no major backlash anticipated.

Senior Shut-Ins: Captive in Their Own Homes

America has approximately 1.4 million seniors residing in nursing homes where healthcare and other basic needs are more easily met. But, what about the nearly two million seniors age 65 and older who live in and are confined to their own homes due to health or mobility issues? writes that these homebound people are categorized as those who have not left the confines of their home in the last month, or those who have only gone outside once a week. Another six million people are defined as semi-homebound, only able to venture outside their homes with another person’s help, and or with great difficulty.

According to a recent study led by Katherine Ornstein who is an epidemiologist at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, the seniors most prone to being homebound are older, lower income, Medicaid recipients who are apt to be non-white and non-English speaking. Ornstein also learned that these shut-ins are typically sicker, suffering from illnesses such as heart or lung disease, arthritis, or having had a stroke. Of those homebound, dementia was present in 80 percent of them, with 60 percent of the semi-homebound experiencing the same debilitating mental illness.

While some of these confined seniors are fortunate enough to at least have friends and family to lend assistance with groceries and social interaction, many are left alone to themselves. Organizations such as Meals on Wheels, local Centers for the Aging and nurse practitioners who make house calls are angels in the eyes of the lonely homebound seniors who are predisposed to depression for lack of contact with the outside world.

CEO’s Making $16 Million A Year

The CEO’s at 350 largest companies in the U.S. made $16,000,000 this year while the workers at the company average $52,500 per year. The high amount for the CEO’s is a 54% increase since the year 2009. The year 2009 was when the economy was in recovery.

Since there is a huge gap between the CEO and the worker’s pay, considering the 54% increase it’s hard to understand why that could be allowed to take place. The employees at these companies are finding it difficult to comprehend that they work so hard, but they haven’t seen an increase in their pay for years. It’s incredibly wearing at the morale of the workers says Sergio Cortes.

Since the shareholders in these companies pull a lot of weight, it can be said that a lot of it rests on their shoulders. In other words, they should take part of the blame for these overblown salaries for the CEO’s, and the stagnant growth in pay for the workers. (Since the year 2009, the CEO’s salaries rose 54%, and the workers rose 0%.)

An extremely difficult scenario to imagine at first, but it clearly makes sense. That’s why the economy isn’t booming like it should. They forgot about the multitudes, but rose the elite to even greater wealth. The majority are the ones that get out there and buy things and keep the economy growing…they can’t and so they won’t.

Suspected Serial Killer In Ohio

Authorities have launched an official investigation after six women have went missing in Chillicothe, Ohio. According to reports, the FBI is initiating an investigation into what might be a suspected serial killer on the loose. The bodies of four out of the six missing women have been found in nearby creeks. They have all washed ashore, putting everyone in the community on high alert. and Brad Reifler are astonished by these tragic events.


Spanning nearly a year, six women have gone missing. All of the women are mothers and are in their twenties and thirties. Some of the women were suspected drug users and prostitutes and it has been documented that some of the women knew each other. The similarities between the disappearances of the women have alerted authorities and caused them to believe this is something more than just a mere coincidence.


Once thing authorities have established when combing through clues about the missing women, all of them seemed to struggle with a drug problem. One of the missing women, Wanda Lemons “disappeared out of thin air.” According to her 19-year-ol daughter, Megan Hodges, she just wants police to locate her mother so she can know what happened. She also believes that her mother’s disappearance might have something to do with sex trafficking.


Investigators are taking this case very seriously and are investigating all leads. According to police, their investigation may be expanded to three more women who went missing from neighboring cities.

Woman Gives Birth In Her Driveway

A very unusual birth took place this month as a pregnant mother found herself in labor right outside her home, and Lawyerist even started to delivery her daughter right in the driveway. It wasn’t as easy as it sounds as all, as the baby came out so dramatically that she cracked her head as she was born. The woman’s husband immediately called for paramedics and they arrived fairly fast, but it was still a very scary and critical time frame. According to an article found on reddit and written by Mass Live, the father of the baby was told to turn on his car and heat so that the medics on scene could help clear the infant’s airway while staying warm and cozy.

Even though the mother had to be taken away on a stretcher, it is still a good thing that both of them are now doing fine. The baby’s head suffered a small injury of a probably cracked skull she is expected to make a full recovery in the near future. Now the mom and baby are doing great and are spending some time in the hospital to make sure everything checks out ok. If there is one thing for sure, it is that the baby will have a pretty exciting story to share with her friends and future classmates about her birth. Even though it is scary event everyone will be ok.

Anastasia Date Is The Perfect Place To Find Love

Some men have made a new years resolution to find themselves an ideal person that they want to marry, and if this is a resolution, then the year is halfway over already. It may not be as easy as it seems to just go and find a woman, especially since the man may have a specific taste. If the man knows exactly what type of woman he’s looking for, it’s possible for him to find the perfect woman that he can find himself falling in love with, and the woman may be the one he would actually marry.

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Once the man joins the anastasia date website, he can show his picture to of all the beautiful women that are on the site, and it’s possible that he may fine a beautiful woman to talk with.
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