Luxury Properties in NYC: Who’s Buying


There has always been a thriving luxury property market in New York City, but the clients and spaces of yesterday are quickly fading. Today, it is often young professionals in the tech industry who are rising to the top financially. These mostly millennial generation professionals are shaping the market in a unique way. Thus, luxury real estate agencies have reconfigured to better communicate and reach the needs of this intriguing client base.


Tech entrepreneurs often have the ability to work remotely from home. Likewise, when seeking property investments, they are looking for the comfort and conveyance of a hip and thriving neighborhood. When looking at NYC properties, neighborhoods like Tribeca, the West Village, Greenwich Village, and the Upper East Side are seeing a amazing revival. After all, they offer artsy environments with entertainment, foodie restaurant options, and a young population. These places are the epicenter for exciting times.


For young professionals seeking NYC properties, it is important that they find a real estate agency that understands their needs. Town Residential, for example, is rising luxury property agency that serves the millennial population. For starters, they have placed their offices within the communities they serve, within locations like Tribeca and the East Village. This means clients can meet up and quickly set up viewings just down the block. While most companies haven’t made thee transitions, they add great ease and conveyance to the buying process.


Town has a reputation for offering modern spaces with character and unbelievable amenities. For busy tech professionals, its an amazing option. They have acquired the most desirable spaces available in the hottest neighborhoods. The best in NYC properties are easily gobbled up, and town makes sure that those seeking these spaces have easy access.


While these hip neighborhoods often beckon young professionals to them, it is increasingly difficult for someone to find a property up to their standard, especially when they are looking for the best of the best. Luxury real estate companies such as Town can provide future residents with the best tools to search NYC properties to find the home of their dreams.

Agriculture And Humanitarian Issues Head The Concerns Of Jose Manuel Gonzalez

The country of Venezuela has recently been at the center of a major humanitarian crisis regarding the production and distribution of food to the population. Agricultural business leader Jose Manuel Gonzalez is coming to the end of his second term with Venezuela’s National Assembly in the role of politician he did not see himself taking up, but felt compelled to as Gonzalez felt the agricultural industry was having difficulties in keeping up with the demands of the population of the country.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez has looked to combine his skills as a business leader with the hard work he has put into becoming an established politician with a promotion to the position of Deputy to the National Assembly. The humanitarian crisis Gonzalez has seen growing in recent years could be averted in the view of the politician if the hundreds of thousands of tons of rice and corn taken out of production were returned to the population as frozen prices were returned to their former pricing structure.

The life of Jose Manuel Gonzalez began in a small rural area of the country of Venezuela before he decided to better himself by gaining an education before returning to his agricultural background to start a successful set of business interests. Throughout his life, Jose has sought to better his understanding of the world and has embarked on a series of travels that can be followed via his blog.

In his work as a politician Jose Manuel Gonzalez has not limited himself to helping the people of his constituency, but has instead looked to aid the population of Venezuela by formulating a plan to avert the current humanitarian crisis; Gonzalez believes a stronger partnership between government agencies and business is the only way to step forward into a stronger future. Returning the agricultural industry to its full potential and creating a better system for importing products are just two aspects of the policies Jose Manuel Gonzalez would like to see implemented in the coming years.

Maitland & Company’s Investment Advisory Services

Although there is no data to support the observation that bad investment advice knows no boundaries, the ratio of bad advice to sound advice stands at 10:1. The reason for this disparity is because the dissemination of bad advice pays bills for the financial media. Conversely, the bad advice seems more lucrative than dispensing sound, academically-based advice in the securities industry.

Unfortunately, sound, academically-based advice may not generate enough advertising revenue as the U.S financial media. As such, the financial pressure compels even the most reputable media such as the Huffinton Post to publish articles featuring the stock picks. According to Mr. Harris, stocking picking is unreliable. He provides rational and sound justification for his stock picks to the uninformed investors. As such, they incorporate the information regarding stocks into the current market and are likely to purchase these stocks.

Of course, the financial media has every right to publish stock picks, but Harris is entitled to express his opinion. It is unclear as to whether financial media should publish articles with disclaimer disclosing data on stock picking. However, it is well-known that the data can be retrieved from the websites that provide records of financial gurus purported to have stock picking expertise.

About Laidlaw & Company

Laidlaw & Company specializes in investment banking and brokerage services. The company offers custom-tailored investment advice and implementation skills to high net worth investors as well as corporate institutions. Laidlaw & Company’s investment banking services involve the acquisition of finance, capital raising through equity placement, and debt and mezzanine capital placement with institutional investors. Furthermore, the firm is responsible for providing advisory services on the acquisition, restructuring financial information, and leading the formation of strategic alliances. Contrary, wealth management services comprise of portfolio management, financial planning, and investment advisory services. Laidlaw & Company has its headquarters located in the New York, United States.

The Midas Legacy Is The Life You Have Always Wanted

It is not a surprise to say that a great deal of people are unhappy with their lives today. They are stuck in jobs that are literally crushing their soul and taking everything out of them on a day-to-day basis. However, what choices do they have in life? If they quit the job, it is quite possible they could put themselves in a situation where they lose a lot of money and can’t afford to pay their bills. This means they have to stay at the job and stick it out, even though it is causing them stress, anxiety, and possibly depression. These are very real things that are happening to very real people.

Why should someone wait another day to be happy? Why should someone spend another second in misery? The answer is they shouldn’t. The answer is they need to team up with The Midas Legacy and start living life to the fullest and wake up every day with a bounce in their step and an extra ounce of happiness to go with it. Life should be lived instead of just survived. That is why The Midas Legacy is looking out for entrepreneurs that are wanting to put their dream in motion and see it happen for them.

They have long had a passion for something, but they never thought it was possible or they thought they didn’t have the right information. The Midas Legacy is a consultation firm that is going to walk the entrepreneur through it, step-by-step and let them know what they are getting involved in, how to run the business, how to hire employees, and how to be their own boss. Isn’t that the dream of a lot of people? With the Internet nowadays, it can be used as a moneymaking tool with the right guidance.

That guidance is The Midas Legacy and they are there every step of the way to help people and show them the right way to run a business. By creating their own business, they can be a boss that people enjoy working for and in turn, they create jobs for other people that are unhappy and want out of their current situation. The key thing for them to remember is there is hope out there and there are chances to improve the situation they are in at the present moment. It is not going to be like this forever.

Changing Lives With THIS Bank & Dallas Neighborhood

Some people in Southern Dallas will soon realize their dreams of home ownership. The non-profit mortgage service provider, Dallas Neighborhood Homes, whose motto is “Making Americans Dream A Reality”, is teaming up with Habitat for Humanity of Dallas, to provide some one hundred loans within the next five years to low-income residents. NexBank whose assets is over three billion will be the provider of these loans. The amount for this project amounts to fifty million, for the next five years in support of this worthwhile cause.

NexBank Partners with Dallas Neighborhood Homes To Expand Affordable Home Ownership in Southern Dallas

These loans will help those who have difficulty in getting a lender to approve such endeavors. Some of this money will also provide guidance and counseling about home ownership. All fees, titles and closing costs, up to two thousand dollars , will be covered by NextBank SSB. The Senior Vice President of Mortage Operations at Habitat expressed his gratitude to Nextbank for making dreams become a reality, for a number of residents. He knows it places children in a better position allowing them to work towards their future.

The Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Office of NexBank, Matt Siekielski said he was elated to be working with Dallas Habitat for Humanity which is the largest non-profit home builder in Dallas. They have already built over fifty home so far this year. Since 1986, they have changed countless lives, as they bring the neighborhood back to life. These two organization has already helped low income in North Texas, obtain affordable housing. Changing lives forever, for so many.

Envisioning the Future with VTA Publications

Stock market: A term to describe a place where the wealthy can go to become even more affluent while those who take a risk are often left out to dry alone and with no replaceable funds. While that is not the exact definition of the stock market, most people can relate to the idea. Aside from the Great Depression, the United States is still in recovery from the stock market crash of 2008. Nearly a decade after this crash, the country is still fairly unstable economically, ultimately making those who would once take a risk talk themselves out of the action at all. All of these factors sparked the strategy established by the advisor of VTA Publications, Jim Hunt.

Jim Hunt instituted a plan known as the “Wealth Wave.” Essentially, those who lose a lot in the stock market tend to believe that they must collect their life and rebuild it from the ground up, but Jim Hunt wants to assure those people that the money believed to be lost is simply elsewhere and it is up to them to find it. Investing is a risky game, but it does not need to be devastating as well. Straining that the timing must correlate with the investment itself, Jim Hunt along with his company work tirelessly to discover lost funds and make them bigger than ever before.

VTA Publications is a firm dedicated to their clients. They offer honest advice pertaining to the stock market, investing in general, and where a person should consider placing their money for the time being. Without a doubt, this firm does not attempt to disprove the risk affiliated with the stock market, but they do offer support during the immensely stressful course of action. A team of experts works around the clock to assist their clients, conduct research on the market minute to minute, and to determine the future before even embarking on the journey.

The firm has recently discovered through research that the years 2016 and 2017 will make millions of people millionaires. Though this is an exciting reality, those at the firm wish to work with their clients first before these potential investors prepare to risk it all. After developing a meaningful relationship, discussing goals, and determining the state of the market or a particular investment, VTA Publications will walk their clients through the investment process while simultaneously offering them around the clock phone and email support. By caring for their clients, the firm grows in popularity each day. Their statistics and proven research make them a force to be reckoned with.

Green Laundry in Austin – The Laundromats of the Future

The laundromat of the future is a fully green and efficient place where people can do their laundry. While many laundromats consume a ton of resources, green laundromats are much different in their approach to how they are able to do laundry in a more resource-efficient way.

Another benefit for the person doing laundry is that the time it takes to do laundry is much quicker than in the cases of non energy efficient laundromats. Thus, you’ll be in and out a whole lot faster with a energy-efficient laundromat than with a non-energy efficient laundromat.

Electrolux laundry machines are used in many green laundromats, which enable the laundromat to reduce the amount of water in the clothes significantly through the spin cycle before you put those clothes in the dryer. Thus, less time is required in the drying process which means that less energy is used to dry your clothes. This is also assisted by the fact that weighing is used in order to determine the amount of water that is required in order to wash your clothes. Less water, energy and gas used for your laundry goes a long way to reducing your carbon footprint and helping the environment.

On top of this, your clothes will have much better results following the washing process. The spin cycle means that there is a higher quality to the wash job because less water is required and more time can be used to spin out the wrinkles. The speed in which water is extracted from your laundry greatly improves the cleanliness of your clothes.

Laundry Works, Austin has embraced many of the newest laundry machines and equipment in order to create a better overall laundromat experience for you. You’ve probably had bad experiences in the past with laundromats, and the Austin Texas based laundromat is there to make sure that you’ll enjoy your laundry experience while ensuring your experience is a green one. Laundry Works is located in West Campus at the University of Texas, Austin and is a clean facility, and there are attendants available when you arrive so that you’ll have a better time at the store if you have any questions on how to operate the machines.  This will enable you to spend less time at the laundromat.  For individuals who are busy, the Austin store offers laundry pickup and drop-off services for its customers.

The Success of Fabletics

Workout clothes are not only used for functionality in athletics, but is also used as a comfortable alternative and a change of clothes from a long day of work within an office or any other work location. Workout clothes, thanks to Kate Hudson, can now be worn as a fashionable ensemble that not only looks great and compliments the body, but also serves a purpose with the special fabric that is used. Prior to Kate Hudson and her new designs on Youtube, it was almost unheard of to wear yoga pants or any other workout clothing in the workplace of location where professional attire is required.

Though yoga pants, t-shirts, as well as shorts are considered casual clothes, Kate Hudson and Fabletics has innovated the look to make every individual who wears her new line of clothing look elegant and put together. As the number of individuals putting money into active wear increases, the active wear industry is currently booming and becoming a competitive industry. As an actress and now as an innovative businesswoman, Kate Hudson has been able to become a competitive member of this industry through her creative idea of combining athletic wear with a stylish twist to the looks.

Read more: Fabletics | Facebook

What is driving the overall sales within this industry is the new expansion of the market to be open to not only the athletes, but also open to those that just want to be comfortable after a long day of work. When walking the dog, going out for coffee, or even going to the workplace, Fabletics offers great options that still show style while also being more comfortable than ever. Women want women to feel feminine in these clothes and to feel beautiful even when they are the most comfortable. With low-cuts and stretchy material, there is nothing that could go wrong with all of Kate Hudson’s specially designed clothing line.

In just three years since the creation of this business, Fabletics has grown exponentially. As of present day, there are over 1 million VIP subscribers who have pledged their loyalty to this growing company. What makes this company so popular is the fact that Fabletics has paid attention to two importance characteristics which are style as well as cost. An an inexpensive amount, ever woman can look beautiful and feel beautiful on the in side. The future of Fabletics is looking bright for Ms. Hudson and her employees.

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Dr. Clay B. Siegall: Cancer Fighting Trailblazer

Mirna Therapeutics, a progressive, mainstream biotechnology company which specializes in the production and sale of microRNA, or miRNA as it is also known, has appointed Dr. Clay Siegall, as director of its Board of Directors as of January 30, 2013.

Mirna Therapeutics Inc. Appoints Clay B. Siegall, Ph.D., to Its Board of Directors

Dr. Siegall, who is co-co-founder and President of Seattle Genetics and carries numerous other titles and accomplishments, has embellished the oncology industry with a plethora of possible antibody based therapies up and coming, including his prize product thus far of ADCETRIS® (brentuximab vedotin) that has already been approved in August 2011. Thanks to Dr. Siegall‘s master-fundraising skills which secured 675 million dollars in private and public funding, his work continues to enhance the well-being of cancer patients world-wide.

What exactly are microRNAs? microRNAs dwell deep within the human genome and regulate global gene expression. Appearing to affect possible hundreds of different genes as sort of a main switch, microRNA seems to proficiently control and coordinate several cellular paths and mechanisms. This important function aids in appropriate embryonic development, enhancing immunity, soothing inflammation and encouraging cell growth and propagation. When miRNAs do not function properly, it appears to profoundly affect the initial start, growth and spread of several different cancers. It has been discovered that the replacement of impaired miRNAs within the cells of tumors creates a positive and therapeutic response in the patient.
What is Mirna Therapeutics? Mirna Therapeutics, founded in 2007 in Austin, Texas, is a biotechnology company that uses its own scientists to discover effective uses for miRNAs which have a positive impact in various diseases and cancer. In fact, in animal experiments it has been proven that miRNAs are very helpful at suppressing cancer growth.

The award-winning Dr. Clay Siegall is a trailblazer in the pharmaceutical, genome and oncology industry. He has many accomplishments and titles to his name including but not limited to: President and Co-founder of Seattle Genetics (which produced the powerful drug, ADCETRIS®), Board of Directors of Alder Biopharmaceuticals and Mirna Therapeutics, researcher at Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research institute, researcher at the National Cancer Institute and the National Institutes of Health.
Dr. Siegall has written over 70 scientific publications and has 15 patents to his name. He Received his PH.D. in Genetics from George Washington University and at the University of Maryland. Some of his awards include the Pierce Award in 1995 for his work targeting toxins, and in 2002, he was an Ernst & Young Pacific Northwest Entrepreneur of the Year award finalist.

Nutrimost Sues Over Pirated Video


The Nutrimost diet is one of the fast growing and most effective diet plans in recent years. Many new people have been attracted to the weight loss program because of the results that is has given others that are trying to lose weight. They also enjoy the fact that the plan doesn’t use any medication and is guided by a medical professional. But, how does it work and why are they suing another weight loss company?

Losing Weight and feeling great with NutriMost

Nutrimost uses what they call Nutrimost Resonant Frequencies to help people lose weight. It is guided by a professional and has seemingly been having some great results for people that have utilized it. Some weight loss seeker lost as many as 40 lbs in just their first month on the weight loss program. The program has had a lot of success. This may be why Nutrimost says that other companies are tyring to steal from them. This is namely Healthy Living, a weight loss and health company that is based in Pennsylvania.

Nurtrimost claims that Healthy Living stole a video from their webiste and are using it on their one webiste with very few changes as advertisement. One look at the both videos and you can see why they made the claim. The videos are almost indentical. The Healthy Living videos only noticable change is that they changed the phrase “Ultimate Weight Loss Plan” to “Can’t Lose Weight Loss Plan”.

Nutrimost sent the company a cease and desist last fall. Healthy Living responded by taking down the video a putting up a slightly more edited one. Nutrimost is known suing for $300,000 dollars for the theft of the video and for the damages to their reputation that they say were caused. They are also seeking a court order that says that they can never use the video again.