Dr. Clay B. Siegall: Cancer Fighting Trailblazer

Mirna Therapeutics, a progressive, mainstream biotechnology company which specializes in the production and sale of microRNA, or miRNA as it is also known, has appointed Dr. Clay Siegall, as director of its Board of Directors as of January 30, 2013.

Mirna Therapeutics Inc. Appoints Clay B. Siegall, Ph.D., to Its Board of Directors

Dr. Siegall, who is co-co-founder and President of Seattle Genetics and carries numerous other titles and accomplishments, has embellished the oncology industry with a plethora of possible antibody based therapies up and coming, including his prize product thus far of ADCETRIS® (brentuximab vedotin) that has already been approved in August 2011. Thanks to Dr. Siegall‘s master-fundraising skills which secured 675 million dollars in private and public funding, his work continues to enhance the well-being of cancer patients world-wide.

What exactly are microRNAs? microRNAs dwell deep within the human genome and regulate global gene expression. Appearing to affect possible hundreds of different genes as sort of a main switch, microRNA seems to proficiently control and coordinate several cellular paths and mechanisms. This important function aids in appropriate embryonic development, enhancing immunity, soothing inflammation and encouraging cell growth and propagation. When miRNAs do not function properly, it appears to profoundly affect the initial start, growth and spread of several different cancers. It has been discovered that the replacement of impaired miRNAs within the cells of tumors creates a positive and therapeutic response in the patient.
What is Mirna Therapeutics? Mirna Therapeutics, founded in 2007 in Austin, Texas, is a biotechnology company that uses its own scientists to discover effective uses for miRNAs which have a positive impact in various diseases and cancer. In fact, in animal experiments it has been proven that miRNAs are very helpful at suppressing cancer growth.

The award-winning Dr. Clay Siegall is a trailblazer in the pharmaceutical, genome and oncology industry. He has many accomplishments and titles to his name including but not limited to: President and Co-founder of Seattle Genetics (which produced the powerful drug, ADCETRIS®), Board of Directors of Alder Biopharmaceuticals and Mirna Therapeutics, researcher at Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research institute, researcher at the National Cancer Institute and the National Institutes of Health.
Dr. Siegall has written over 70 scientific publications and has 15 patents to his name. He Received his PH.D. in Genetics from George Washington University and at the University of Maryland. Some of his awards include the Pierce Award in 1995 for his work targeting toxins, and in 2002, he was an Ernst & Young Pacific Northwest Entrepreneur of the Year award finalist.


Nutrimost Sues Over Pirated Video


The Nutrimost diet is one of the fast growing and most effective diet plans in recent years. Many new people have been attracted to the weight loss program because of the results that is has given others that are trying to lose weight. They also enjoy the fact that the plan doesn’t use any medication and is guided by a medical professional. But, how does it work and why are they suing another weight loss company?

Losing Weight and feeling great with NutriMost

Nutrimost uses what they call Nutrimost Resonant Frequencies to help people lose weight. It is guided by a professional and has seemingly been having some great results for people that have utilized it. Some weight loss seeker lost as many as 40 lbs in just their first month on the weight loss program. The program has had a lot of success. This may be why Nutrimost says that other companies are tyring to steal from them. This is namely Healthy Living, a weight loss and health company that is based in Pennsylvania.

Nurtrimost claims that Healthy Living stole a video from their webiste and are using it on their one webiste with very few changes as advertisement. One look at the both videos and you can see why they made the claim. The videos are almost indentical. The Healthy Living videos only noticable change is that they changed the phrase “Ultimate Weight Loss Plan” to “Can’t Lose Weight Loss Plan”.

Nutrimost sent the company a cease and desist last fall. Healthy Living responded by taking down the video a putting up a slightly more edited one. Nutrimost is known suing for $300,000 dollars for the theft of the video and for the damages to their reputation that they say were caused. They are also seeking a court order that says that they can never use the video again.



Online Reputation Management Must Be Managed

When you think about the specifics of online reputation management, you can see how important it actually is to manage and not just to pay attention to. According to a recent article Business 2 Community, there has been a tremendous amount of backlash in recent times just because of the things people do and say when they represent a business online. That’s exactly why you do need to continue watching what your business does and says, but you should also pay attention to the following items.

Don’t Ignore It

If and when someone says things about how you Brand Yourself or your organization on social media, then you can’t just ignore it. Ignoring it means you not only don’t have a response and can look more guilty than you are, but it also shows that your business isn’t responsive and could be a major red flag in the eyes of potential clients. You might not feel comfortable with everything that is said about you, but you will want to be sure you actually take the time to clear things up. Worst case scenario, people see jeers against you but know you are professional and can be trusted.

Respond Professionally In Every Case

As silly as it sounds, there are definitely some major things you need to consider. Do you want to be the punching bag, or do you want to be seen as a bad guy? Some people get upset when they have to respond to unruly customers and complaints with a calm and collected tone. However, when you think about all aspects of customer service, then you know that this is the norm. Make sure you always act in a professional manner and your organization will be seen as better.

Don’t Get Upset With Bad Reviews

Just because someone said something about you, it doesn’t mean that it will stick forever. Any business that has ever existed has people that simply don’t prefer it or don’t like it. That’s why what you want to do is to continue working with the professionals who can help you get better, but you also want to work with those individuals who can help improve your reputation online as well.


Helane Morrison’s Mission for the People

Helane Morrison is a distinguished member of Hall Capital Partners, an international investment firm that is completely dedicated to earning the trust of the customer through investment security as well as through investment returns. Helane Morrison is the chief compliance officer for Hall Capital Partners which is a position that requires not only a deep understanding of the industry, but also leadership skills as the job sees many different sectors of the firm. Helane Morrison has the overall job of spotting problems within the problem and fixing them whether they be legal mistakes or technical issues that could lead to bigger problems for the investment firm.

Helane Morrison chose to work with Hall Capital Partners not only for the reputation that the company has for being one of the top investment firms in California, but also for the diverse leadership that this investment firm upholds. As the current CEO is a woman, Ms. Morrison thought it would be interesting to have two leads of the company be educated women. With s degree in both journalism as well as law, Helane Morrison has dedicated the entirety of her career towards law enforcement and towards upholding justice. With the position that she currently has, Ms. Morrison is dedicated to expose any corruption that might be around in any other investment firm.

Helane Morrison joined Hall Capital Partners in 2007 with a background in law enforcement as well as experience in both the public as well as the private sector. After the 2008 financial crisis, Ms. Morrison made it her goal to bring back the trusting bond that the public has with the financial industry. Despite corruption within a few financial firms, Ms. Morrison wants to show the people that many financial firms such as Hall Capital Partners are loyal to their customers and give them the best investment opportunity possible.

Helane Morrison his on the mission to spread and encourage fair and ethical global business practices that also encourage a trusting relationship between the consumer and the producer. A trusting bond is necessary to encourage constant investment which is what keeps the economy strong and constant. As the chief compliance officer, Ms. Morrison is a leader in her right and has been proven to be invaluable to Hall Capital Partners. Helane Morrison is a woman of the law who has dedicated her career to be a woman of the people to expose injustice.

How ClassDojo Is Changing Education

Traditionally, school was something that parents weren’t able to experience with their children. Children often had a lot of school work and projects that they were unable to take home. The best that the parents can hope for was that their child would tell about their day. Parents are often left out of the experience that is shared among students and teachers. However, there are attempts being made to change all of this. This is made possible by ClassDojo, a company that is passionate about maintaining the connection between parent and student as they get their education.

As of right now, ClassDojo is adding a new feature to its app which is called Student Stories. This allows students to upload videos as well as photos of classwork so that their parents can view the videos. This allows parents to get to see more of what they child is doing so that they could be more proud of him. Traditionally, the only thing kids get to share is the homework. All of the more exciting aspects of school are left in school. As a result, the connections with parents and students could be even deeper.

ClassDojo is going to continue looking for ways to include parents in children’s education. This also encourages a greater sense of community in classrooms. As not only will parents manage to maintain their connections in their child’s life, but they will also be able to help students form even deeper connections with other students. With ClassDojo, grades will improve for children who are struggling. With ClassDojo, students will be able to share with their parents activities beyond the general sense. Parents will be able to get clearer pictures on what their children is involved with. They will also be better able to help their children handle any issues that come up during their education.

ClassDojo comes as an app that is available for both Android and iPhone devices. This allows parents to keep in touch with their children’s teachers so that they will be able to be there for their children. This also helps families grow stronger.


Find out more about ClassDojo:


Andy Wirth Rises to the Top

For Andy Wirth, it is all about getting people to enjoy the experience. He is President and chief executive officer of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings in Olympic Valley, CA. His goal is to transform Squaw Valley into one of the world’s premier destinations. Learn more about Andy Wirth: https://about.me/andywirth

Dedication to Service

Andy attended Edinburgh University in Scotland and received a Bachelor of Science degree from Colorado University. He began his career as an intern in Colorado many years ago and rose through the ranks to where he is today. Andy Wirth has dedicated himself to the hotel and mountain resort industry making a positive impact on both businesses.

Community Service

The Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board is proud to have Andy Wirth as a member. His vast experience and leadership makes him the perfect choice for this position. He knows that making flying into and out of the Reno-Tahoe area easy and affordable is a key factor to the surrounding economy.

Mr. Andy Wirth has a deep and abiding love for the great outdoors and contributes to many environmental causes. He has also served as a volunteer fireman and on the board of many foundations. Andy Wirth enjoys giving back to the community that has stood by him during difficult times.

Facing Many Challenges

A 2013 skydiving accident put things in perspective for Andy after almost losing his arm and his life. He has always been an avid runner and cyclist, but now was in a situation that required him to face a difficult challenge head on. Through the help of family and friends he has been able to train for an Ironman competition.

His team raised funds for the Navy Seal Foundation that helps those who have given everything for their country. Andy Wirth is a competitor in sports, business, and life who wants to make a difference in the world around him.

It takes a team to be successful, and Andy Wirth knows that he has the support of a town behind him when it comes to his philanthropic endeavors and business decisions. He has made the Sierras home and plans to contribute to its success for many years to come.