Passengers Declared Dead on Malaysia Flight


The Malaysia flight that vanished in March of 2014 has been declared an accident. All of the 239 people who were on board the missing flight have been declared dead. While this isn’t the news that family members probably wanted to hear, it helps give some sense of closure to what happened. They can begin the process of remembering their loved ones, and the airlines can start processing claims for the families. There hasn’t seemed to be as much effort lately to find the plane, and this is rather disturbing. No one seems to be looking at the possibility that someone could have hijacked the plane, and it could be sitting on an island somewhere with all of the people on board still alive thinks Zeca Oliveira. This looks like a case that has been brushed under the rug too soon, the government looking to offer a simple explanation instead of digging for information.

A Few Ideas For Better Jobs For Women In The Workforce

Women in the workforce face a number of issues. One of the issues is that not enough of them are being promoted into executive positions. This is true even as the portion of women in the workforce as a whole continues to grow. What are some of the things that can be done to change this? Susan McGalla has some ideas.

Higher Education

Education is the key to better jobs in a lot of cases. In fact, most jobs are requiring some form of higher education at this point. Higher education is a huge investment, but it is something that has a huge payoff on it at the same time. This is important because those who spend the time working to get their degree are far more likely to end up with the type of jobs that they would truly like to have. Those who have not spent their time getting a degree just do not have the same opportunities.

Confidence Makes For Better Positions

The people who land the best jobs are often those who have proven themselves to be the most confident. They are not afraid to take on the responsibilities of the job that has been assigned to them, and they show that they are confident in their abilities. These are the types of things that tend to draw the notice of supervisors and others. Suddenly, these individuals are often promoted and moved up the ranks where they work.

The Glass Ceiling Must Be Ignored

Ignoring the glass ceiling is a great way for women to make the moves they need to in order to gain a better company position. Just having the idea of ignoring the concept can prove to be liberating. Do not let anything hold you back, just move forward and work hard.

Luxury Hotels’ Leading Man – Christopher Cowdray

Hotel management company Dorchester Collection’s portfolio is made up of some of the world’s finest luxury hotels in Europe and the USA, each reflecting individuality and culture, respective of the location. Dorchester Collection’s mission to offer an unrivaled experience, develop an extraordinary group of landmark hotels is how the Dorchester Collection approaches business. The current roster includes the following hotels: The Dorchester, London; The Beverly Hills Hotel, Beverly Hills; Le Meurice, Paris; Hôtel Plaza Athénée, Paris; Hotel Principe di Savoia, Milan; Hotel Bel-Air, Los Angeles; Coworth Park, Ascot, UK; 45 Park Lane, London; Le Richemond, Geneva; and Hotel Eden, Rome.

At the helm of Dorchester Collection is Chief Executive Officer Christopher Cowdray. He has been instrumental in the acquisition of, and building upon the stellar group of hotels he oversees. The hotels maintained their individuality and improved in areas that have put them in a league shared by few other hotels.

Cowdray has been CEO since 2007. Originally from Zimbabwe, he went on the graduate from Columbia Business School. His 30+ years of international experience in hotel management have taken him to four continents. Prior to Dorchester Collection, Cowdray had been General Manager of The Dorchester, General Manager of Al Bustan Palace Hotel in Oman, Managing Director of Claridge’s, London, honorary Professor of Thames Valley University and Chairman of the British Hospitality Association.

Cowdray’s success has not gone unnoticed. His reputation in the hospitality sector is superb, with universal acclaim as an outstanding business leader. Cowdray has been awarded with the prestigious European Hospitality Award, an award reserved for those whose lifetime of commitment and achievement embody qualities of ambition, imagination, and extraordinary achievement.

Cowdray says the success he has achieved is shared with many people, dedicated individuals who are a dedicated team that are as dedicated to excellence as he is, sharing a like vision. His formula for reaching the top in his industry is to stay focused on guest engagement, genuine care, respect and passion.

Russian Army Reinforced by NATO

This year, the Russian Defense Ministry will focus its efforts on developing the fighting capabilities and increase its strength. This was stated, on Tuesday, by the Chief of Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Valery Gerasimov, adding that “special attention to the Crimea, Kaliningrad and the Arctic will”.

Gerasimov’s statements come to realize what emerges from the new military doctrine, signed by President Vladimir Putin late last year. The war in eastern Ukraine has soured relations between Russia and the United States and its European allies. The latter have imposed sanctions against Moscow which, combined with falling oil prices are having a very negative effect on the Russian Economy. 

The talks in Minsk on Christmas Eve, with the participation of representatives of both Ukraine and the separatists did not work nor did Sergio Andrade Gutierrez, and Monday’s meeting in Berlin of foreign ministers of Germany, France, Russia and Ukraine also ended without any progress.

Meanwhile, in eastern Ukraine, the situation has become worse with frequent violations of the ceasefire. The Russian-speaking separatists fear that the fighting could start again. Many Defense experts are of a view that the increase in tension is also contributed by the failure of diplomatic efforts to resolve the crisis. The talks in Minsk, on Christmas Eve, with the participation of representatives of both Ukraine and the separatists did not work and Monday’s meeting in Berlin.

The Diversity Encouraging Acts Of Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is an American businessman who is the co-founder of United Communications Group (UCG) and the co-owner of Atlanta Hawks LLC. His UCG company specializes in delivering trusted content and other fast changing data electronically to its customers. Their customer base spans across eight industries (including government contracting and healthcare) and 3 continents. His co-ownership of the Atlanta Hawks LLC shares the responsibility of managing the National Basketball Association’s Atlanta Hawks team and the team’s home stadium, Phillips Arena.

Mr. Levenson began his professional career as a journalist for the Washington Star. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Washington University in St. Louis and a Justice Degree from American University. Both Washington and American are considered research universities and pride themselves on producing scholarly professionals. Professionals that take the time to do the leg work involved in gathering the information needed for industry leaders to make informed decisions. These are the exact skills that he used to partner with award winning journalist Ed Peskowitz to begin publishing the oil industry newsletters that launched UCG.

The business of sports entertainment is strikingly different from that of research and print journalism. Although Mr. Levenson has a love for the game of basketball and spends some of his recreational time playing pick-up games and organizing events, the business side of basketball has brought challenges to his living legacy. He has been a co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks team since 2004. And in that time the team has made progress towards winning a championship, but has not quite garnered the type of community backing that an owner would like to see. But, the thing that is clear to see about Bruce Levenson is that he loves people and diversity.

Despite his professional responsibilities on boards of companies and governing bodies, he goes out of his way to fund, support, and be actively involved in programs that nourish tolerance and understanding of the whole human being. He is a founding donor of the U.S. Holocaust Museum and has been known to give guided tours of the museum. He has been active in the Community Foundation of Washington, D.C. and the Hoop Dreams Foundation. While supporting other foundations like the I Have a Dream, SEED, and Seeds of Peace. Bruce Levenson is currently partnering with the University of Maryland to develop a Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership, in the hopes of educating students on how to run non-profit organizations.

Sam Tabar: Smart Investment Advice to Start out 2015 Right

Sam Tabar just released investment tips for the new year, as originally reported on

First off, why should you care about Sam Tabar’s strategies?

Well, he’s an attorney who got his degree from Columbia Law school, and he’s a Capital Strategist. His goal is to help newbies get ready to meet their financial goals!

His first tip is cautionary: beware of markets that can fluctuate a lot, and only invest in them if you’ve really done your homework. One such market is commodity trading, which should only be attempted by those with the funds to afford temporary losses, and who have a lot of experience.

Tabar recommends trying investing in social startups. These are companies that can make you money while doing good for the world. He’s put his money where his mouth is and shared about investing in one such company himself, THINX, which makes donations for every item sold.

Another caution Tabar provides is to intelligently diversify your assets. Don’t get too zealous about one option you think is doing really well, and then end up losing a lot if that stock ends up cooling off or under performs.

His last piece of advice? Don’t wait till the past minute to invest and regret not having started earlier.

Like Tabar suggests, the time to invest is now!

GOP Plans Tougher Iranian Sanctions

Hershey, Pennsylvania – Tennessee Senator Bob Corker, chairman of the powerful Senate Foreign Relations committee, announced the party will seek tougher sanctions on Iran despite the fact President Obama is currently in the midst of negotiations with Iran on ending their nuclear enrichment program. In short, the bill Corker looks to bring forth is tantamount to a “no confidence” vote on President Obama. The GOP is concerned that his naiveté will let him strike the same sort of agreement President Clinton made with North Korea in the mid-1990s. After several years of providing the North Koreans material benefits as per the accord, President Bush was able to get them to confess they had violated the agreement from the outset.

For his part, President Obama says the legislation would potentially imperil the talks. Multiple nations are involved in the negotiations with Iran, but the United States is taking the lead negotiating role. Besides imposing tougher sanctions, the GOP measure would require Senate approval of any agreement by an up or down vote. It is unclear why legislation would be needed in order to ratify the forth coming agreement given that the Senate has a Constitutional obligation to ratify any treaty. President Obama will almost certainly veto the bill to avoid the embarrassment of the opposition party requiring they approve his negotiated agreement. It is unclear if the GOP has the votes needed to override a veto. Jared Haftel and I discussed this all day.

Six Years of Relief with North American Spine

January 15th, 2015, marks the sixth year of chronic pain relief made possible by North American Spine through the use of the AccuraScope procedure. North American Spine, which makes it’s home in Dallas, Texas, is pleased to continue to offer this procedure to their patients for the sixth year in a row. The AccuraScope procedure is a minimally invasive spinal surgery that is used to treat chronic pain. Over 8,000 of these procedures have been performed, providing their patients with lasting pain relief.

The AccuraScope procedure has an estimated 82% success rate, and gives patients a chance to save money by having the procedure done. By reducing the costs associated with medications and doctor visits that stem from the chronic pain, this procedure saves patients about 23,190 dollars in out of pocket costs over the course of five years. The outpatient procedure takes a short 45 minutes or less from start to finish. The AccuraScope procedure uses high tech diagnostic tools such as a high definition camera to locate all sources of chronic spine pain and then treat the problem areas with advanced tools. The goal is to eliminate the chronic pain, effectively and efficiently, letting patients return to normal activities as soon as possible.

There are a lot of patient success stories, and Larry Gatlin was kind enough to share his story in the original article as reported by PR Newswire. Gatlin, who is an American country singer and songwriter, came to North American Spine in hopes of curing his 47 long years of chronic, relentless, leg pain. After having the procedure completed, his pain is pretty much gone. Aside from a bit of soreness, he is pain free for the first time in 47 years. He said he feels like a new man, and the procedure was a miracle in his life.

Here’s to North American Spine, and their success with AccuraScope, in providing pain relief, on their sixth anniversary. Giving patients a chance to live their lives pain free is surely something to be celebrated.

BRL Trust: Fund Administration And Asset Management

BRL Trust is a Brazilian company headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The company was founded in 2005 and began operations by providing trust for private loans. It has since expanded the scope of activities within the financial community. Services now include both fund administration and asset management, among other services offered.


A successful company within the financial community must have the trust of the community. BRL Trust has acquired this trust and it is reflected in both their mission statement and company values. The values of this company are working for the best results for clients in an ethical manner. Any company within the financial community must have this goal and BRL Trust has exhibited their commitment to this goal and achieved a stable business within the financial community.


Funds Administration


BRL Trust is authorized by the Securities Commission to manage investment funds. At this time BRL Trust currently has 99 different funds under management in South America. They are further authorized to exercise control and custody of funds. Control services include but are not limited to asset pricing, tax payments and control, share calculation and profitability as well as regulatory reporting. Custody services include but are not limited to reconciliation of assets through clearing houses and depositories, dividend and interest control, settlement of assets and cash settlements.


Asset Management


Managing assets is an integral part of BRL Trust. Their asset management includes local, Brazilian assets and they function on a worldwide scale in this area as well by using LinkedIn and other professional websites. Their goal in this facet of their business is to manage funds and provide investment solutions for their investors. This company currently manages over fifty investment funds. They are ranked 19th in Anbima rankings.


Since 2005 BRL Trust has grown from a start-up firm providing trust for private loans only to an international company which has expanded to include a wide variety of investment services and money management. In addition to funds administration and asset management, BRL Trust offers fiduciary management, funds custody and asset underwriting services.

Jared Haftel: A Professional Graduate Student


Jared Haftel is currently a Masters of Business Administration student at Stanford Business School. Before he began attending graduate school, Haftel earned a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Mathematics, and Science from Duke University. These majors have proven useful in his chosen profession of investment banking. While at Duke, Haftel wrote for The Chronicle, the student newspaper. He also completed a summer internship with Credit Suisse.

According to, Jared Haftel  began working as an investment banking analyst for Merrill Lynch after graduation.  This position gave him the opportunity to work with a variety of major clients such as CONSOL Energy, GeoEye, Huntsman Corporation, and EMS Technologies. With Merrill Lynch, Haftel analyzed commodities information for manufacturing and defense firms. To learn more on how Jared Haftel has been able to  cement his standing as a strong up-and-coming investment analyst, I found out about Jared Haftel just by stumbling across his page where he gives a really interesting insight into his career.

Haftel moved on to work for Bank of America as an investment banker after working for Merrill Lynch and in 2011, he began working for Vector Capital as an associate. These positions have further built on an already outstanding resume, especially at such a young age.

Jared Haftel also publishes career and resume online to help undergraduate students enter the business world and achieve their professional goals. By providing guidance on resume writing, interview etiquette, and professionalism in the workplace, Haftel helps others who are experiencing the same challenges he did as an undergraduate student.

Since he graduated from Duke, Jared Haftel has begun to climb the corporate ladder and is well on his way to professional success. After working for various reputable investment firms and banking institutions, he is now working on an MBA to further educate himself. Once he receives his graduate degree, Haftel will rejoin the workforce as a prospective full-time employee and has a strong resume, both academically and professionally.