Kenneth Goodgame’s Marketing Expertise Yields Results For True Value Company

Having started his career over two decades ago in the field of supply chain management, Mr. Goodgame has seen it all and done it all. His appointment at True Value in 2013 was a perfect fit, like a hand in glove. He brought his expertise and leadership with him. He has seen the company achieve record earnings thanks to his marketing strategies.

Marketing is about tapping the audience/customer and engaging them to ensure they purchase the product you are selling. Mr. Kenneth Goodgame has strongly advocated for good marketing strategies and has been able to source for more funds to use in marketing and advertisements. With his track record already proving profitable over the past half and looking to surpass that milestone in the third quarter, the board has wholeheartedly agreed to add funds for marketing.

Having served at various companies with different roles, True Value Company has been a huge beneficiary of the knowledge, skills, and leadership of Mr. Kenneth Goodgame. His market knowledge has enabled to formulate a clear path for which companies need to take to achieve success.

Kenneth Goodgame has made his name in the marketing community as a leader and an innovator. He is respected in his field for strategy development and execution as well as building highly competent teams that follow his philosophy. His methods have known to create global trends as reflected by his product launching campaigns, which have attracted a global audience making True Value Company internationally recognized.

His notable contributions to the business include turning around a low-performance buying team by replacing about 40% of them with a vibrant and high-spirited team with comprehensive product knowledge and customer relation skills. His changes raised the company’s saving potential by over 7%.

About Kenneth Goodgame

According to Zoominfo, Mr. Goodgame attended the University of Tennessee where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Marketing. Throughout his illustrious career, he has held various positions such as manager, general manager, vice president, senior vice president, president, and CMO among others.

He has also worked in various supply chain management companies such as Ace Hardware Corporation, The Home Depot, Newell Rubbermaid, etc. He now serves as the SVP and chief marketing officer at True Value Company.

Richard Blair Helps With Asset Protection

Richard Blair is deep into the investment world. This is why he is so successful as a business owner, an investor, and an adviser. He offers advice on what people can do in order to build their assets. He also offers advice and services when it comes to asset protection.

In fact, among the common clients of Richard Blair are people who are affluent in finances. These include small business owners, families, workers, and others. One thing that is common among his clients is that they have assets that they have accumulated over a while. Richard Blair Wealth Solutions gives people the strategies that could help them provide adequate protection over their wealth. This in turn offers them a greater peace of mind.

One thing Richard Blair Wealth Solutions would recommend is creating a portfolio. This portfolio allows with diversification. This doesn’t mean that the client should invest in every different stock that he sees.

It is more important for him to not put all of his eggs in one basket. There needs to be a certain commonality between the assets that the client pays for. The client has to choose an asset based on his personal needs. Therefore, he will be able to make a successful life for himself.

Also, with the services that Richard Blair has, he may be able to provide people with access to investments that they might not know about. For one thing, there is a large world in finance and investments that a lot of people are not aware of.

It is when this world opens that the successful person begins to see even more success than he previously imagined. For one thing, Richard Blair has seen this, and he wants to share it with others.

Richard Blair is willing to look at many different aspects of the client in order to see what he could handle. For instance, Richard Blair is willing to look at the tolerance that the client has for risk. He will also put together a plan that is based on the tolerance of the client. Once the client is presented with a suitable plan, then he will be able to succeed.

Legal Trouble in the NBA

The former ownership group of the NBA, The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC has recently had legal trouble with the New Hampshire Insurance Company. The entertainment company filed a lawsuit due to a breach in contract that had to do with the settlement of claims by the former manager. The former manager of the company was Danny Ferry.

AHBE, the former group also included Bruce Levenson who was the controlling partner. Tony Ressler, who is he current principal owner is not a part of the lawsuit. The lawsuit was described as a civil action breach of contract. AHBE stated that it had insurance that was supposed to cover losses that were linked to practices of employment. These practices included “Workplace Torts” as well as “Wrongful Termination.”

The two ownerships of Hawks and Ferry reached a buyout agreement that was undisclosed on June 22, 2015. The court documents show that the confidential limits of liability are enough to pay the amount that AHBE is asking for on the claim. The lawsuit is also asking for 50 percent penalty from the unpaid loss, as well as the cost of the attorney’s fees and additional costs.

About Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is a well known businessman, philanthropist, and team owner of an NBA team. He formerly co – owned the Atlanta Hawks LLC. He was also the Hawk’s Governor on the NBA Board of Governors. Levenson has been a part of the Community Foundation of Washington. He also participated in the Hoop Dreams Foundation. Read more on



Malini Saba Business Footsteps

When we talk about women in business, the name Malini Saba seems to pop up. Malini Saba keeps leaving her imprint on the global market scene as one of the leading Asian, female business investors and philanthropist. With firm roots from Southern Asian, this iconic figure is not limited to her background as she sets to conquer the international business world. Her journey though full of many setbacks, she has emerged victorious with many achievements to show.


On my journey into Malini Saba’s life, I have discovered that this great woman began her career several years back with many investments across the Atlantic. Her major obstacle along the way was corrupt. A menace she fought diligently together with her fellow business associates. In the process, despite her triumph, she lost a lot of equity in return. This fallback did not kill the hunger in her to succeed in the business scene. She quickly got back on her feet and opened another business venture only to be opposed again. Once more, her spirit of a fight was evident as she managed to sail through the hardships of a startup company and emerge a business champion. Today Malini Saba’s fruits are evident. She chairs Saban, a company that has various relations in the Energy, Real Estate, and Agribusiness world.


One thing that I think should be mirrored about Saba, is her willingness to help others in tapping into their potential. Her ‘Stree: Global Investment in Women’ is a non-profit organization that focuses on helping fellow women with minimum wage improve their living standards. This kind act shows that she out to make the world a better place not only for herself but others as well.


Like many others, Malini Saba has invested in some of the profitable Silicon Valley companies. Just to mention a few, she has partnered with, Netscreen Technologies, PayPal, and Sycamore Networks. All these business ventures she began back in the early 90’s way before they became the talk of the nation. For on Saba’s business achievements visit here.


Malini Saba proves that she can juggle both her business and personal life with ease. Despite her busy schedule, Malini Saba has time for her family and friends. She personally attends to her child’s need that includes picking and dropping her off every day from school. This act is contrary to the norm of many busy business women who have little time for motherhood.


I think Malini Saba is a great business leader that is transforming not only the business world but also helping fellow women make it in the business scene.

The Success of Goettl

For some of the best services when it comes to heating and air conditioning, a company that stands out among the others within the United States is a company that is known as Goettl, a company that has over 70 years of experience and combines both modernization with traditional. Goettl is a company that is dedicated to bringing the best customer service to the clients and to offer the best services possible to the customers without breaking the bank in the process. Goettl is renowned to be one of the best companies to seek help from and will continue to strive to further improve the reputation of the company.

Goettl is a company that specializes in both heating as well as air conditioning which provides the best and most efficient services during those hot summers and during those cold winters. Goettl has undergone much renovation within the past five years thanks to Ken Goodrich, an individual who has put both time and effort into renovating this company. Ken Goodrich is an individual who believes that the most valuable aspect of the business is to truly become a part of the community. Goettl is a dedicated company that makes sure that every single customer has the best installment. Goettl even offers free checkups on the installment a week after with no charge to the customer.

Goettl’s dedication to the consumers has been demonstrated several times within the past year alone. Over the summer, one good deed in particular stood out when Goettl came to the rescue of an individual who not only had broken air conditioning, but also had broken air conditioning in the middle of the summer in Las Vegas. Despite the fact that this individual could not afford the repair, Goettl fixed the issue free of charge. Goettl is not only proud to be a business, but is also proud to look out for community members in need.

This good deed is just a taste of what Goettl strives to achieve. As a growing business, Goettl strives to offer the best products to the customers without breaking the bank in the process. Goettl is not only a business within the communities, but also strives to become a part of the community. Though this business holds over 70 years of experience, Goettl plans to continue the overall expansion of the company both physically as well as internally within this old company.

Adam Goldenberg Is Trying His Hand In Fashion

When it comes to fashion, women’s fashion in particular, Adam Goldenberg is not someone that one would expect to be doing anything in that field. However, Adam Goldenberg has made a life out of doing things the unconventional way and doing things on his own terms. That is why JustFab is so successful. In today’s fashion world, there needs to be fresh ideas and fresh perspectives on what is hip and what is modern. That is why Adam Goldenberg and his business partner Don Ressler have hired some of the best fashion leaders from across the world to help them with JustFab. They are smart CEO’s. They don’t claim to know everything, so if there is something that is foreign to them, they are not afraid to reach out to others and gain knowledge.

Through this knowledge, JustFab has come to life and it has provided women with something that has been missing for a number of years and that is a product that is suited just for them. So many times, women are shopping and they can’t find anything that works for them or that they like. They end up spending hours in a store and nothing is really what they are looking for or their style on That is where JustFab is different, as the product is catered to each individual woman out there.

So every month for the low, low price of $39.95, women can get bags, accessories, and shoes that they are going to love and really get something out of when they use them in their day-to-day life. So many people are inspired by fashion on YouTube. This takes all of the guess work out of it. When JustFab was put together, they wanted to do it right. They didn’t just want to rush a product out there. Adam Goldenberg wanted to release a product they could put their name on and be proud of, as after all, someone’s name means a lot.

Now, women all over are signing up for JustFab and loving what they get each and every month. They never know what might be in there, but they know they are going to love it, because they have taken the time to get to know the woman. They also offer style boards and a community for women to chat with each other and share ideas and be together as one. This is truly bringing women together and making fashion better than ever.

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Improving Your Hair

Many people today are disappointed by what is out there with hair products. A lot of hair products are expensive, and few people can afford the best on the market. In addition, there are a lot of hair products that simply do not work. WEN By Chaz is a hair care line that is dedicated to helping people get beautiful hair again. There are a lot of people who love the look and feel of their hair after using the product. If you want to take the next step with your hair, this is a great product for you to invest in. There is a recent article where a customer reviewed what it is like to use this product. This is a great example of the impact that it can make on your life.
Wen By Chaz

Wen By Chaz is a hair product that is dedicated to helping the average person with their hair. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for fancy hair products, you can purchase this quality product for an affordable price. One of the best things about this Sephora marketed product is the ease of use. Even if you do not have a lot of experience with hair, you should be able to understand how to use this product. You can just use a little of the hair product, and over a period of several weeks you should be able to see a noticeable difference in the quality of your hair.

Future Plans

Wen By Chaz plans to expand their hair care line in the future. There are so many positive reviews online that many people are excited to try out the new product. If you have been struggling with your hair health, this is the type of product that you should be using. Wen By Chaz has hit a home run with their latest product offering. Check out their YouTube channel for more info.


Makari Skin Cream Is Helping Women Change Their Skin

Makari skin whitening cream is one the best things women can use when they want their bodies to look smooth and silken. They deserve to make their skin look better using the Makari skin whitening cream, and they need to get started as soon as possible. This makes everything easier for them, and it shows them that there are a lot of things they can do to fix their skin. Skin can get discolored pretty easily, and that becomes a problem because there is no other way to fix things.

The solutions that most people are looking for come in the form of a lotion, but the Makari skin cream is very important for someone who wants to be able to expose their skin in their clothes. They need to know for sure that they can get the help they need from this one cream, and it helps them be sure that they can make their skin change slowly. They will show people that there are many ways to change the skin, and they will notice that it is lightening up over time. It is very easy for a woman to use Makari skin whitening cream because she has it with her makeup at all times.

Someone who wants to be certain that they can change the way they look has to use Makari skin cream every day. They will get instant results from it, and they can keep using it as much as they want. They will notice that it is easy to keep using without irritating the skin, and they can use it in the morning when they need to. It can be used before going out on the beach, or it can be used when the person has a part of their skin that they want to show off.

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Luxury Properties in NYC: Who’s Buying


There has always been a thriving luxury property market in New York City, but the clients and spaces of yesterday are quickly fading. Today, it is often young professionals in the tech industry who are rising to the top financially. These mostly millennial generation professionals are shaping the market in a unique way. Thus, luxury real estate agencies have reconfigured to better communicate and reach the needs of this intriguing client base.


Tech entrepreneurs often have the ability to work remotely from home. Likewise, when seeking property investments, they are looking for the comfort and conveyance of a hip and thriving neighborhood. When looking at NYC properties, neighborhoods like Tribeca, the West Village, Greenwich Village, and the Upper East Side are seeing a amazing revival. After all, they offer artsy environments with entertainment, foodie restaurant options, and a young population. These places are the epicenter for exciting times.


For young professionals seeking NYC properties, it is important that they find a real estate agency that understands their needs. Town Residential, for example, is rising luxury property agency that serves the millennial population. For starters, they have placed their offices within the communities they serve, within locations like Tribeca and the East Village. This means clients can meet up and quickly set up viewings just down the block. While most companies haven’t made thee transitions, they add great ease and conveyance to the buying process.


Town has a reputation for offering modern spaces with character and unbelievable amenities. For busy tech professionals, its an amazing option. They have acquired the most desirable spaces available in the hottest neighborhoods. The best in NYC properties are easily gobbled up, and town makes sure that those seeking these spaces have easy access.


While these hip neighborhoods often beckon young professionals to them, it is increasingly difficult for someone to find a property up to their standard, especially when they are looking for the best of the best. Luxury real estate companies such as Town can provide future residents with the best tools to search NYC properties to find the home of their dreams.

Agriculture And Humanitarian Issues Head The Concerns Of Jose Manuel Gonzalez

The country of Venezuela has recently been at the center of a major humanitarian crisis regarding the production and distribution of food to the population. Agricultural business leader Jose Manuel Gonzalez is coming to the end of his second term with Venezuela’s National Assembly in the role of politician he did not see himself taking up, but felt compelled to as Gonzalez felt the agricultural industry was having difficulties in keeping up with the demands of the population of the country.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez has looked to combine his skills as a business leader with the hard work he has put into becoming an established politician with a promotion to the position of Deputy to the National Assembly. The humanitarian crisis Gonzalez has seen growing in recent years could be averted in the view of the politician if the hundreds of thousands of tons of rice and corn taken out of production were returned to the population as frozen prices were returned to their former pricing structure.

The life of Jose Manuel Gonzalez began in a small rural area of the country of Venezuela before he decided to better himself by gaining an education before returning to his agricultural background to start a successful set of business interests. Throughout his life, Jose has sought to better his understanding of the world and has embarked on a series of travels that can be followed via his blog.

In his work as a politician Jose Manuel Gonzalez has not limited himself to helping the people of his constituency, but has instead looked to aid the population of Venezuela by formulating a plan to avert the current humanitarian crisis; Gonzalez believes a stronger partnership between government agencies and business is the only way to step forward into a stronger future. Returning the agricultural industry to its full potential and creating a better system for importing products are just two aspects of the policies Jose Manuel Gonzalez would like to see implemented in the coming years.