An Overview of QNET Company

Qnet Company, formerly known as QI Limited, QuestNet, and GoldQuest, is a direct selling company owned by the QI Group. It sells a diverse range of life enhancing products via its website and through sales persons. The products include home care, fashion items, luxury accessories, personal care, weight management products, nutritional, energy items among others. Vijay Eswaran founded the firm in 1998. The firm employs various marketing strategies including multi-level marketing and direct selling model. It has a network of firm-based sales representatives in countries such as Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. It also has a network of distributors in African countries such as Rwanda, Burundi, and Egypt.

QNET Plans to Shift Production to India

Speaking to the Indian express, the CEO of QNET Franchisee in India, Suresh Thimiri, said that shifting centralizing their hubs in India would increase their profits by 12%. Currently, the company has a series of production bases in different countries. According to the companies economists, India has natural resources in energy, if properly utilized would give the company a cost benefit of up to 10%. The company officials told the Indian Express that, the operation revenues of the firm had risen by 100% in the past one year, and the growth would double if production bases were centralized. In addition, the company has other bases in India producing watches and other fashion accessories, which are doing well.

QNET Calls for Direct-Selling Regulations

The government of India initiated a legal program to support direct selling of enterprises. Following the initiatives, QNET Limited called upon the government to develop a legal regulator to govern the businesses. According to Zaheer Merchant, the overall director of corporate affairs, said India has numerous misconceptions regarding the industry, which paves way for unethical business transactions under Money and Prize Chits Regulation Schemes. Formulation of the regulations will help set upclear-cut laws that will monitor the direct selling industry in India, which has been a leading large-scale provider of self-employments and contributes heavily to exchequer.

Merchant expressed great confidence and faith in the government and hoped that the latter would put into consideration the relevant legislation deployed by other countries in the world in order to achieve fair and just rules, which would ensure business interests are prioritized. On behalf of the QNET staff and officials, Mr. Merchant assured the government of its undivided support in making their plea a success.

Mentoring Talents in India

The company has initiated program that seeks to develop creative and innovate minds in India by encouraging them to come up with unique products. Any product that passes the company’s quality test, it shall be sold via the firm’s sale platform and all the royalties will go to the inventor.

Facebook Could Hinder Your Career

Facebook is THE social media website on the internet and more and more people are beginning to lose sight of how it is supposed to be used. Right now social media is one of the biggest time sinks in the United States and it is becoming something of an addiction for folks. Not only is the website a time killer, but it could also be a career killer as well. Let’s break down a few common Facebook traps and how you can seamlessly avoid them.

Keep Your Profile Private
According to the Center for Professional Excellence at York College, there have been definitive statistics that associate poor Facebook usage with on the job repercussions. Hiring managers in particular are combing through Facebook feeds of potential employees even before scheduling an interview. So with that said you have two options to prevent issues in the future: lock down your profile with privacy settings or keep a professional profile open to the public. Status Labs, an online brand management company, knows that the key to a good public image is by presenting your best self on the internet. Consider keeping a public professional profile and only put information on it that you would want colleagues to see.

Avoid Hot Button Topics
Darius Fisher, the CEO of Status Labs, would tell you that the #1 condemnation of employees in relation to Facebook is the prevalence of controversial topics and opinions. You don’t have to be a PR dynamo to know that talking about political or socially heavy topics can lead to divisive arguments and hot headed interactions. Now do you want your prospective boss to read you at your most controversial and passionate? Probably not, right? So instead of posting controversial topics on your public page, keep them instead to your private profile or — better yet, for those conversations with friends while in person.

As more and more of our life moves to the internet we have to come to the realization that there need to be management techniques put in place. Consider opting for a company like Status Labs to help curate and create the ultimate web presence for your career.

Terry Jones appointment to be president of Highland Institutonal Products

Highland Capital Management, founded by Jim Dondero and Mark Okada in 1993, holds its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The organization manages assets approximated to $20 billion. Therefore, it stands out as one of the highly experienced and largest alternative credit managers over the globe. Though highly specialized in strategies on credit like collateralized loan obligations, Highland also offers investments that serve as alternatives. These are inclusive of natural resources, long and short equities and the emerging markets.

The president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero, is the major Inspector of Highland’s operations and investment strategies. Currently living in Dallas, Texas, through his great experience of not less than thirty years, he pioneered the Collateralized Loan Obligation. Additionally, the funds he has managed throughout his career have earned recognition and received many awards.
Jim graduated from the University of Virginia where he emphasized in finance and accounting. He is also a Certified Management Accountant and for this, he has earned the right to use Chartered Financial Analyst designation. Before joining Highland, Mr. Dondero worked as a manager of funds for American Express and as a chief investment officer for protective life’s GIC subsidiary. He saw the business grow from the beginning to $2 billion in five years.

Under his presidency, Jim hosted the appointment of Terry Jones as the new president of Highland Institutional products. With a two and a half decades experience, Jones will facilitate discussions with strategic institutional allocators. This will offer business development solutions hence broadening the sales platform. Mr. Jones following his leadership skills, he is expected to improve the risk adjusted performance and offer solutions to clients in the increased complexity of markets.
Mr. Jones got his BA in Economics from Columbia College. Before his full-time employment in Highland Capital

Management, he was the Director of Highland funds and was also in the board of New York’s Genword Life Insurance Company. Over his profession experience, he has held roles as both a founder and President of various organizations.

The Chief Operating Officer Of Madison Street Capital Gets The 40 Under Forty Recognition Award

Anthony Marsala, the Chief Operating Officer of Madison Street Capital, has accomplished a lot over the last 13 years. Marsala has examined and performed a number of transactional agreements during those years and the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts as well as the Consultants’ Training Institute are honoring Marsala with the 2015 “40 Under Forty Recognition Award because of those accomplishments.” Marsala was chosen by the executive committee of the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts and the Consultants’ Training Institute. More than 125 nominees in the finance industry were considered for the award.
Mr. Marsala has a very diversified portfolio of accomplishments in the food and agriculture, technology, energy, wholesale and manufacturing, medical devices, staffing and the biotech industry just to name a few. According to a recent article in the Chicago Tribune, Marsala is instrumental in the merger and acquisitions that develop in Europe and Asia and Africa. Marsala has a finance degree from Loyola University and a Master’s in Strategy from the University of Oxford. He is a member of the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts, and a member of the American Society of Appraisers.
The Executive Staff of the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts and the Consultants’ Training Institute said all nominees were judged on their leadership abilities as well as their pioneering spirit in all financial fields of endeavor. The 40 Under Forty Recognition Award is designed to give promising financial entrepreneurs’ more opportunities and recognition in the industry. The Executive Vice President of the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts and the Consultants’ Training Institute, Brien K. Jones, told the Chicago Tribune that the executive committee picked the most qualified nominees from a field of more than 125 nominees that took part in the 40 Under Forty Recognition Award selection process.
Madison Street Capital’s Chief Financial Officer, Charles Botchway, thinks the 40 Under Forty Recognition Award is a well-deserved honor. Botchway told the Tribune that Marsala has been recognized for outstanding achievements in mergers and acquisitions in the past, but this honor adds more credibility to Marsala’s list of accomplishments.
The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts and the Consultants’ Training Institute bestow the 40 Under Forty Recognition Award every year, but this year was special because of the 125 talented nominees that represent the cream of the crop in young financial entrepreneurs. Every year that crop of executives keeps getting better at what they do, according to NACVA.

Treating Your Dog Right With a Proper Beneful Diet

It can be exceedingly hard to keep yourself up to date on all of the latest news in the world of health and dieting for yourself, much less for your pet. Yet your dog relies on you completely for their health and wellbeing, so it is up to you to make them as healthy and happy as possible. That is why it is always so important for you to pay attention to what you are feeding your dog example is Beneful, where it comes from, and what you can do to improve their diet. You can start by getting a wealth of information about the foods available on the shelves.

Beneful: Big Bag, Big Results.
The first time you step into the dog food aisle on of your local store the odds are good that you will be more than overwhelmed. You’ll see dozens of bags filled with colorful pictures, large promises, and complicated ingredient listings. How in the world are you supposed to pick between all of these different bags? As far as you are concerned, every single product is promising you the world. So what can you do to properly weed out the bad products from the good one? Well, first off you can look at the importance of quality ingredients.

Beneful on amazon, a line developed by Purina, has stepped up to become one of the leading providers of healthy dog food due to their resolve of utilizing proper ingredients. Purina was one of the first dog food companies to ever utilize actual meat and real veggies inside of their food. There are over 20 varieties available in the Beneful line and they will all help out your dog from their formative puppy years all the way to their more relaxed older years.

As well as quality of ingredients you can look at taste. In some ways, dogs are a lot like us. They like what they like and need different flavors sometimes. So that is why it’s great to see so many different varieties available from Beneful. There are dry food, wet food, and even snack sized containers to keep your pet full.

QNet Pushes Forward into New Territories

QNet has always been one of the best known multi level marketing companies in the world from its base in Malaysia. The company, under the leadership of Vijay Eswaran is now looking to push forward into new global territories that should see the direct selling giant become one of the top companies in the world in the years to come. QNet are now seeking out new globally recognized partners to enhance the reputation of the brand, which has seen the giant choose a partnership with English soccer champions Manchester City to shine the spotlight on the direct selling products and services offered.

QNet is now the official direct selling partner of Manchester City FC as both companies are looking to grow the strength and knowledge of their brand. QNet understands the strength and power of the English Premier League brand, which is known and watched around the world. By linking up with Manchester City the QNet brand will see its logo and company profile viewed by those who watch live games on the TV and visit the soccer teams Website looking for information. There are many reasons why the Malaysian company and Manchester City fit together well, which includes the commitment to charitable causes both groups remained committed to.

The QNet company has always been successful in expanding across the world and is now seeing a large level of growth in many different areas of the world it has not traditionally been linked with. One of these areas is the country of India, which has recently been one of the top areas of growth for QNet, which has seen the number of direct sellers and products sold in the country increase incredibly. The love the QNet brand has been shown in India has seen a switch in production focus for the company, who are now looking to bring many of their products to the country of India for production.

The President And CEO Of BMG Bank Reflects On The Financial Business Trend

According to Ricardo Guimaraes, it is no secret inflation greatly shaped most financial and business institutions hence making their credit burden unmanageable. However, the growth in market did not have enough positive impact and reaching to international capital market would be a good option and what is where the BMG bank comes in handy. As the CEO highlighted, BMG has normally been targeting new chances and has remained focused with committed and trained team of professionals working all through. BMG bank is based in Dutch and has been eyeing on world money controlling services. The institution was started on 1883 with its location in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Currently, heads the BMG leadership being the President and CEO of the institution. BMG Bank is among the oldest and most impressive financial institutions in Brazil. It was begun in 1930 by the Guimarães Family; however it had another name by then. Still, that is the point at which the seeds were sown for a bank that has now been around for almost 90 years. During 1970s, around 40 years after the development of the bank, it was transformed into a wholesale bank. That implied it didn’t have a considerable lot of the staples of the banking sector, for example, checkbooks, financial records, and so forth. Still, it flourished in this new market and with this new bearing.
By 1989, the firm took a much well known name of Banco BMG S.A to the individuals who use it to date. The following couple of years saw both development and some union. The main family – the bank is currently operated by President and CEO Ricardo Guimarães – obtained offers from shareholders as a major aspect of this procedure. Toward the end of the twentieth century, enormous changes were in progress. The bank moved its objective over to representatives who were operating in the public arena, providing them alternatives for finance advances. These are still a major portion of what the bank does today, despite the fact that it is presently associated with Itaú Unibanco S.A., as the two signed up in 2014.
BMG is familiar for having a fairly traditionalist credit arrangement. This implies the bank commonly just works with the individuals who have incredible portfolios. This makes them emerge in the banking field, and it’s a major reason they’ve possessed the capacity to stay in this industry for over 80 years, truly turning into an apparatus in Brazil. This accomplishment of the bank has been connected to the great and expert administration of Ricardo Guimarães who has driven the bank to be among the main and prominent banks in Brazil.

Local Community Recieves Doggy Park Make over by Beneful

Initially discovered on PR Newswire, this season dog food from Beneful is honoring the 5th yr of that Dog Park Dream design that will boost dog playground jobs towards the other area of the UNITED STATES, with dogs running in shapes between Chihuahua to Great Dane. Getting started in June and for the duration of 2015, the Beneful squad is going on walmart to be helping capital initiatives which can work among local region leaders and finance raising groups that may help revive state of the art dog parks to our local area or fix current ones throughout a merge of funding help, helping hand participants plus doggy park knowledge helpers. “People appreciate dogs in addition to the owners they both present a one-of-a-kind bond, and there is a particular place inside of their heart for their hometown beloved dog parks. We’ve lived through it our-self with the help of our pet dogs, and also have examined that first-hand thru our Purina Dog Park Dream project,” declared Brent Gleckler, Beneful brand leader. “This season, our company is delighted to choose a totally new idea to form for all of our Dog Park Dream jobs, empowering our team to attain a whole lot more family pet-admiring towns and cities across the country.” After 2010, the Dog Park Dream at Beneful has actually enhanced the physical and emotional lives of pet owners and dogs by providing remarkable areas for whole puppy-passionate regions to have fun with. Beneful transformed various dog parks all around the nation during the earlier 4 years, which in turn contributed to the fantasies of their four Dog Park Dream grand award winners along with their 4-legged mates. All 4 dog parks posses tailor made characteristics that include the Beneful’s trademark Doxie Tunnel, vibrant splash pads, a tennis ball launching tree, and an oversized meal ingredient obstacle. The Beneful community is browsing the country for effective business opportunities to offer an extra hand to directors of doggie parks attempting to get started on a totally new job or compliment a pre-existing park, to grow into its fifth yr of producing family dog plans for communities’ dreams to come true. Each and every doggy park chosen through Beneful crew will get purpose-built financing for additions on their doggy park, the teams will discuss their comprehension regarding doggy park safeguard and in addition provide solution for volunteering the opportunity towards working side by side with neighborhood participants to build up their dog park dreams. Original Source Beneful’s Dream Dog Park program

Michael Jackson- Still Alive Through Sergio Cortes

Sergio Cortes was born in 1971 in Barcelona, Spain. Little did his parents know the things he would one day aspire to do; he became a Michael Jackson impersonator. As a small boy, Sergio began to try and memorize Michael Jackson’s original and iconic dances. He continued to perfect his MJ moves, and soon began to be recognized. One would think he was recognized for his exceptional dance moves and stellar choreography, but really it was because he looked ridiculously similar to the King of Pop and the dance moves and voice were an added plus.

Sergio was frequently stopped on the streets and questioned as if he were Michael Jackson. Although there is a thirteen year age gap between the King of Pop and his lookalike were remarkably similar. They both developed a love for music, dancing, and performance. He began to record videos and take pictures to post online, which became very popular. It wasn’t until Sergio Cortes became a teenager that he realized how much he enjoyed the entire experience of performing. He then began to study Michael Jackson’s voice and dance moves more intently with the intention of becoming a Michael Jackson impersonator. Due to his focus on studying all things Michael Jackson, he has become one of the most widely recognized Michael Jackson impersonators. and in many people’s opinion Throughout the last twenty years or so he has established himself as one of the best impersonators out there.

One of the best parts about Sergio Cortes is his deep-rooted love for MJ. It shows clearly through all of his work and dedication to the King of Pop’s life and career. If you would like to see Sergio Cortes in concert, you may have to travel to South America. Sergio Cortes resides in Brazil and performs in front of audiences there. Although, he only performs in Brazil, he has a following from all over the world. He even appeared in American Idol, which added to his fanbase. The resemblance is uncanny and anyone who comes into contact with him has to do a double-take to make sure it is not the real Michael Jackson.