New Stem Cell Research May Allow Same Sex Couples to Have Their Own Babies


Cambridge University has recently uncovered some new evidence according to this recent news posted by Alexei Beltyukov on Facebook,  in stem cell research that shows that it may be possible to produce a baby artificially from the skin cells of two adults of the same sex. This breakthrough could allow same sex couples to have their own children created from the DNA of both partners.

The Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel teamed with researchers from Cambridge University to create human stem cells in a dish. Stem cells were used from ten different donors to create germ-cell lines. The researchers stated that the SOX17 gene is essential in order to reprogram human cells. They also said that they found that it was possible to create human sperm and egg cells from the skin samples of same sex adults.

This opens the possibility in the future for gay couples to conceive a baby from both parents. It also has gained interest from couples who are infertile. The idea of “manufacturing” a human raises ethical concerns for some. But although a small percentage (just over 1%) of babies are conceived using Assisted Reproductive Technology, ART is becoming more popular as the technologies get better. More studies will need to be done but in the meantime the research has caused great interest from gay couples wanting to have their own child.

Fossil Holding Key To New Species Forgotten For Three Decades


In world where things tend to pile up quickly, everyone, even Fersen Lambranho has dug through the closet to find something they forgot they had. Finding an interesting article of clothing or a pair of shoes in one thing, but a museum in Doncaster took the art of finding something that was mistakenly identified for thirty years to the next level. It turns out that what researchers thought was a plaster cast was actually a real fossil holding the keys to a new species.

According to BBC, 25-year old paleontologist Dean Lomax found the item and upon research discovered it was a previously unknown reptile that is around 190-million years old. The report also clears up the error by revealing that since England is an island it is not uncommon to find a new species of aquatic dinosaur pop up every now and then. Of course, the find is a pretty amazing way to spark a career.

The museum even speculates that worldwide there are even more species waiting to be discovered as the backlog of fossils, casts, and rocks begins to undergo testing with new technology. In short, what is a major event today could be a pretty common practice in a year or two. Given the amount of evidence from the Jurassic period that has been collected, it could take decades for every potential find to be uncovered. Apparently, history keeps writing itself new chapters with brand new characters.

Oregon Man Kick His Own Butt In Jail And Blames The Guards

Aleksander Robin Tomaszewski Pulls A Jim Carey “liar, Liar” Stunt In Jail

Tomaszewski hit himself over 45 times while he was in a jail cell. The 33-year-old was being held for questioning. It seems he didn’t like to be questioned. He had two black eyes and facial bruises when the sheriff deputies found him. He claimed the deputies beat him and he sued the sheriff’s office for beating him.

Haidar Barbouti knows that the story brings back memories of the Jim Carey beating scene in the movie, Liar, Liar. The difference in this story is Jim finally told the truth. Tomaszewski lied until he found out the cell he was kicking his ass in was recording the scene on a video surveillance camera. How dumb can Tomaszewski be? Perhaps a cameo in the sequel of Dumb and Dumber 3 is in order.

Tomaszewski was sentenced to 20 days in jail and fined $300 and another $100 fine for filing a false report. He got an additional 20 day for the false report. He will be on probation for 36 months. Maybe Aleksander thought a cell in Oregon would be a great place to film a viral video and get some new Facebook friends. He might need to wait awhile before he posts a new photo on his FB page.

The Antique Wine Company looks to innovate in its sales options for the future

The Antique Wine Company has grown from its founding in 1982 to become one of the most respected and loved fine wines providers in the World. The company has spent a large amount of the past few decades looking to establish itself as a major player in the fine wines market, which it has done under the stewardship of founder and CEO Stephen Williams. During its short lifespan the Antique Wine Company has played a major role in some of the top rated wine deals in the World and has seen World records break for its purchases and sales of wine in the 21st century.

In a bid to expand its growth into a number of major markets that it has either not yet entered or only tested the waters of, the AWC is now looking to make a series of appointments to help grow its international sales team. Expanding into the markets of Asia and the Middle East are just two of the regions the company now sees as important markets for it to expand into in the coming years. Although best known for its involvement in some of the most expensive wines in the World, the Antique Wine Company is also looking to educate its clients in the storage and choices in wines that are available around the globe.

The key to the expected sustained growth of the Antique Wine Company is located in the appointment of key individuals for its international sales team. The recent appointment of Stuart Young as the Sales Director for the company is the first of a series of appointments expected across Asia and other expanding markets. Young brings a vast amount of experience to the company in his technology background and innovative sales approach that led to a sustained period of success for the Laithwaites and Direct Wines brands. Young will be responsible for hiring a number of key sales figures to be responsible for sales in Asia and is expected to spearhead a large amount of growth for one of the World’s top wine sales brands.

St Louis Police Department Sued For Turning Off Dash Cam During Arrest

Driver Claims Excessive Force After being Pulled Over

The St. Louis police department has another debacle to sort out. Cortez Bufford was pulled over after shots were fired in the area where his car was seen. When police pulled him over, Bufford didn’t want to get out of the car. Officers asked him to exit the vehicle two or three times before Bufford, and his passenger were pulled out of the car.

The police tried to do it peacefully, but Bufford began screaming, and a struggle broke out. Police finally used a taser to subdue him. That episode was recorded on the dash cam, but two minutes later the camera shut off.

People at Rocket Fuel have heard that the camera didn’t shut off automatically. An officer was heard saying, “Hold up, everybody hold up, we are red right now, so if you guys are worried about the cameras just wait.” Then the camera went off.

Bufford was belligerent and had a gun in the car. Marijuana was also found in the vehicle. He was charged with drug and gun possession, but the charges were later dropped. Bufford’s attorney claims his client was stopped for no reason, and the officers were out of line when they kicked him.

Turning the camera off was not in the best interest of the police. That act is unacceptable, and it is not police policy.

Keith Mann’s Donates Lunch to the NYPD

Recent protests against the NYPD and the violence against officers in the NYPD have sparked Keith Mann to show his support for the police officers and to show that he believes they need to be thanked for their service rather than being attacked.

In show of his support, Mann whose uncle in an Detective in Staten Island sent lunch to the 54th street precinct on two separate occasions. In early January he sent lunch the the entire precinct as a thank you, and as an effort to strongly emphasize his feeling and because he knew that a single action often goes unnoticed he sent lunch to the precinct a second time on February 9th.

This issue is near and dear to his heart, in part because of his personal connection to the NYPD. Keith Mann is concerned that his or other people’s family members could get hurt because of the rising unrest against the police officers and does not want to see that happen. He believes that citizens should be standing behind their police force and supporting them, rather than fighting against them.

Keith Mann is not the only person who is concerned about the growing lack of support for the NYPD. In January, a support rally for the NYPD was attended by over 150 people, and similar rallies have been held in locations around the United States.

In addition to his efforts to support police officers, Keith Mann is the co-founder of Dynamics Search Partners, a company that works with hedge funds in order to fill staffing needs. He brought his expertise and experience working with hedge funds to the company and also works with Uncommon Schools to help students find jobs after college.

For more about this story you can read about it on WSPA, where it was first reported.

The Marijuana Business May Be Legal But Banks Won’t Accept Money From Legal Pot Dispensaries.

Banks Are Afraid The Feds Will Prosecute Them For Money Laundering

Marijuana will be legal in all states in the very near future. There’s just too much medical data coming to the surface that confirms what some doctors have been saying for years. Weed is here to stay, and it will be an enormous industry.

It already is a $2.7 billion industry, and it will be over $3 billion in 2016. But that fact doesn’t mean much to the banks. They refuse to accept marijuana money from legal dispensaries because the Feds say pot is still a Schedule One drug. That means banks can be hit with a money-laundering charge if the banks are caught accepting deposits from legal merchants.

But there is hope for legal weed sellers and growers. Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes BMG knows that, while Congress stews over Obama’s plan to legalize banking for marijuana-related businesses, The Blue Line Protection Group found a solution. Blue Line proves navigation services for legal pot sellers. They handle the delivery of cash to different government agencies like the IRS. They even return the Feds receipts to the sellers.

Blue Line helps dispensaries find ways to do business without the banks. That’s a concept we would all like to experience one of these smoked-filled days.

The World’s Most Amazing Breakthroughs Can Come from Nature’s Smallest Creatures


In the search for the strongest organically occurring material in nature, there is now a new winner. In a recent study, it has been found that the teeth of limpets, shelled, water-born creatures, are made of the hardest substance in the natural world. Spider silk had been the previous winner, but the material that limpet teeth are made of has displayed a tensile strength approximately five times that of spider silk. The most exciting part of this story is the potential uses of this material when we are able to figure out how to artificially mass-produce it.

In addition to besting anything else in nature, it also outperforms Kevlar, which is what GP Advisors says is the current cutting-edge standard for bullet-proof vest technology. The potential for creating protective wear for soldiers and police seems limitless. It may also help to make every day products and structures more sturdy. It is truly amazing when one considers the revolutionary materials, medicines, and other breakthroughs that have come from or been inspired by nature’s smallest plants and animals. Limpet teeth are so tiny that you need a microscope to see them, yet they will likely have a huge impact on modern society as scientists and engineers learn how to adapt what they offer to our needs.

Woman’s Bizarre Campaign against Couple Who Outbid Her on Home

Kathy Rowe was voted one of the top 50 mothers in San Diego to commemorate the way she raised her daughter, who is severely disabled. Today, at 53 years of age, Rowe is confined to her home for one year of house arrest followed by five years of probation. A far cry from the motherly award she received a few years earlier.

Rowe’s conviction of stalking stems from the bizarre actions she took against the young couple who outbid her in purchasing what she described as her ‘dream home.’ The Spanish-design bungalow in San Diego’s Carmel Valley sold to Jerry Rice and Janice Ruhter, his wife, for $779,000.

Not long after moving into the home with their two young children, strangers began showing up at their door to view the home, which they thought was back on the market. It seems, in some sick form of retaliation, Rowe had re-listed the home online under a made-up name. Then, Rowe began a twisted assault against the couple. Distributing flyers to neighbors saying a sex offender is now living among them and anonymously delivering Valentine’s Day cards to neighboring wives with Mr. Rice’s forged signature on them was just the tip of the worst yet to come from Rowe.

But Ricardo Guimarães BMG thought the most shocking and potentially dangerous attack Rowe waged against the couple was when she began posting ads on the internet offering Ms. Ruhter for sexual encounters. Mr. Rice discovered a picture of his wife online under the caption “Carmel Valley Freak Show. Come see me during the day while my husband is at work.”

The couple had additional security installed on their home and took self-defense classes even though Rowe was ordered to keep away from them for 10-years. Declaring she never meant to harm them, Rowe purchases her own home only a mile away.

Nanogold To The Rescue

Nanosized gold tubes otherwise known as nanotubes are one of the hottest trends in the science of the near-invisible. Scientists have been testing at the University of Leeds (a leader in nanotechnology) various methods to both image and destroy cancer cells using this emerging technology. Although the discovery of nanotubes dates back to at least 1952, the medical community is still working out the best methods of utilizing them to positively affect human health, and we all know Wall Street Journal guys will be looking for a way to sell this to investors like Ray Lane.

So far, there have been promising results using these gold nanotubes in mice. More details on the research as it stands can be found here. This means that human trials (much less actual benefits) will likely be quite a distance into the future. Near-infrared light is absorbed due to its wavelength and the correspondence between that and the nanotube’s size. This fluorescence property allows for specifically engineered biotags to be created that allow medical professionals to more accurately assess the patient. The science behind this has been around for a while, but it has just recently been used successfully in mice with cancer. The process is known as ‘multispectral optoacoustic tomography’ (MSOT) and this Leed’s research details the first successful use of MSOT in a living organism (in vivo). The toxicity of nanoparticles still remains a less researched arena and something that must be further investigated before a full scale application of multispectral optoacoustic tomography can make its way to a hospital near you.