Rona Borre has been on the front line

Rona Borre the CEO and founder of instant Alliance.she’s been described as one among the best female enterprenuer in Chicago Land. Its been a while now since 2001 when the instant alliance was formed which was formerly known as Instant Technology.Over the years Instant Alliance has gone through a lot a lot remarkable achievement and due this it has been increasingly helping the economy to improve.


Though Rona Borre is female that didn’t her from seeking leadership roles in various Chicago land community organization the organization’s include Young Presidents Organization, the Chicago network and Economic Club of Chicago.



Rona Borre has been on the front line as a woman whose interest mostlty are in business, and the media has always intervened to make your success to be known and get the public attention she has been highlighted in media like CNN USA today, CBS 2 chicago and Crain’s Chicago. Rona has always pressed on no matter the challenge, and due to this she’s has been given around applause as the influential woman by the National Association of Woman Business Owners and business ledger.

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Hard work pays Borre has been acknowledged as the enterprising woman of the year by Enterprising Woman Magazine which also contributed to a   number of her awarded awards to her agency.    Click on for more articles.


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